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  • Oct 26
  • 11:00 AM
  • Ray's Campground


  • Oct 26
  • 02:00 PM
  • Ray's Campground


  • Oct 23
  • 05:00 PM


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  • 891 Kaymoor Miners Trail, Fayetteville, WV 25840, USA


ALRIIIGHT fellow outdoorspeople!!! This hike is a) the NUMBER 3 MOST POPULAR HIKE (according to all trails) in the New River Gorge and b) apparently STEEP (hence leg day aspect) and BEAUTIFUL. Let’s spruce up our Saturday lunchtime with a LARGE dose of exercise/nature/beauty endorphins!!

General Info About this Trip:
– The Kaymoor Miners Trail is a short 1.6-mile out-and-back hike featuring various views, waterfalls and cliffs. The catch? The 800 (yes! 800!) steps that will bring us from the car down into the history and mystery of the Old Kaymore Mine, remnants of which we will explore as we descend to the river.
– The trail is short, but it will be STEEP down/uphill hiking; PLEASE BE HONEST with yourself about your ability to have FUN while killing your legs, and the ability of your lower extremities to support you!
~~~~~I DO NOT HAVE A CAR, and will therefore be waitlisting everyone until transportation becomes available!

General Itinerary:
– Get to the campground Friday afternoon/evening, camp, eat, laugh, etc. Roll out of bed Saturday morning. Eat whatever fun camping breakfast you brought (mine WILL be oatmeal so fun right) and pack a lunch to eat on the hike. Leave the campground at 11am for the 20 min drive to the trailhead. TACKLE THIS TRAIL! Eat LUNCH ON THIS TRAIL (ideally at the river view//turn around point!) TACKLE THIS TRAIL AGAIN TO CLIMB BACK UP TO THE CAR! Arrive back at the campground with that sweet sweet lactic acid pooling in our legs at some point in the afternoon (rough estimate: around 2pm). Pat ourselves on the backs. Stretch.
– Note on timing: Given that the trail is short, yet difficult (AGAIN: 800 STEPS) and packed with interesting stuff, I am estimating that a 2-3 hour timeframe will give us lots of room to explore and take breaks as we climb/to eat lunch, although this is clearly a ~loose~ time estimate and will depend on the vibe and abilities of the group.

Things to bring:
– A lunch/snacks
– 1 liter or more of WATER!!!
– Comfortable layers (you will be hot hiking, but probably colder when we stop to eat)
– A backpack/daypack to carry these things in
– Good hiking shoes
– Excitement
– I will be bringing my trekking poles – if you have them/have access to them, they are generally very helpful for steep climbs!

– This hike doesn’t cost any money; but reminder that the NRGE carpool is $10 and that you MUST sign up for that SEPARATELY//AFTER becoming an adventurer on this (or any other) trip.
– Pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the information listed on the main carpool and the NRGE announcement for information about necessary supplies/food/etc so that you are prepared to have a great weekend 🙂

Plug for potential drivers (I need you):
– Gas is completely reimbursed for the weekend, plus the tip (max $20) (it’s all about the hustle baby)
– Hard copies of all receipts are required to get your money back
– I will make you a baked good of your choice if you drive for me (serious)

More info on the trail:
– https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/west-virginia/kaymoor-miners-trail




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