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  • Oct 25
  • 8:20 pm
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 27
  • 7:00 pm
  • Ray's Campground (Hico, WV)


  • Oct 22
  • 10:00 pm


  • $10


  • New River Gorge Bridge, U.S. 19, Victor, WV, USA


All my NRGE bbies,


This is NOT an actual NRGE adventure. This is the CARPOOL for NRGE. This is how the officers will keep track of drivers and attendees. So make our lives easier and follow instructions, por favor.

♣ You may ONLY sign up for this adventure once you’ve been JOINED to another NRGE trip posted on the website. Being on the waitlist, or “intending” to go on the trip, does NOT count. If you are not actually on the trip, you will NOT be added to this adventure. You feel what I’m putting down? Comprende muchacho?

♣ If you are going to NRGE, and are on another trip, you MUST sign up for this carpool. This applies even if you have arranged a ride with your trip leader.

♣ You MUST pay the $10.00 trip fee BEFORE joining this adventure. I will NOT add you if you haven’t paid or communicated with me about payment. We strongly, strongly recommend Venmoing the Club (@OutdoorsatUVA). You may also pay by cash/check if absolutely necessary.

♣By signing up for this carpool, YOU ARE COMMITTING TO ATTENDING NRGE. We understand that things come up, but it’s *not* *cool* *dudes* to drop last minute and take the spot of someone who really wanted to go. Be a good human, do the right thing. If you have to drop (especially if you are a driver), you MUST contact me or the officers ASAP.


Once you sign up, you will be asked a few questions about your medical stuff, car, camping/gear needs, adventure plans, and dietary restrictions (dinner is provided Saturday night). Please answer ALL of the questions. Don’t make me have to hunt you down.

General To Bring List:

♣ FOOD (you will be responsible for your own food, with the exception of Saturday night dinner). That’s 1 dinner, 2 breakfasts, and 2-3 lunches depending on how long you stay. You also need utensils/cookware for whatever you decide to bring, so plan ahead. You might also want to bring $$ for food if you and people in your car want to stop in town for some grub. Recommendations: Biscuit World (the one with the museum inside) & Pies on Pints.

♣ If you have your own camping gear, PLEASE bring it. Pro tip: write your name or something on it too to help keep track of it. We will be bringing all the Club tents &
sleeping stuff, so if you don’t have camping gear, don’t worry.

♣ Whatever you need for your respective adventures; the Trip Leader will specify what gear they are bringing and what you are responsible for getting.

♣ Water bottle/camelbaks. There will be spots to fill up at the campsite.

♣ Warm clothes & layers (it gets chilly at NRGE). Think quick-dry, non-cotton stuff. You may also want rain gear/water- resistant shoes. It somehow is always wet
and muddy at NRGE.

♣ Headlamp

♣ Enos? Portable camp chairs – Crazy Creeks? There are usually picnic table benches, but these are good for hanging around the fire.

♣ Instruments? If ya have em and are ok bringing them camping, bring em. There’s nothing like a jam sesh around the fire.

**The departure time set for this (4:20pm) is NOT necessarily when you will leave. You may leave earlier/later depending on what trip(s) you sign up for. Refer to your Trip Leader(s) to communicate about ride plans; I will also be overseeing all ride plans to make sure everyone who needs a lift gets one. Hakuna Matata homies.

As always, hit us up if you have any questions:

Victoria Alvarez :; 678-520-3016




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