Hiking (Day Hikes) Hiking (Day Hikes)


  • Oct 26
  • 05:20 PM
  • Ray's Campground (Hico, WV)


  • Oct 26
  • 07:25 PM
  • Beauty Mountain


  • Oct 24
  • 09:00 PM


  • $0.00


  • 1393 Beauty Mountain Rd, Edmond, WV 25837, USA


Way out there, 93 million miles away, lies a lonely little fella who just wants some friends. I can’t bear the thought of letting the little guy down so we are going to be there bright and early to wake him up and we are going to be there in the evening to tuck him in and say goodnight.

This is the second part (sunset) of a two part trip, you don’t have to sign up for both but I will give priority to people who do (but even more priority to drivers). The Beauty Mountain hike has several overlooks, all of which are supposed to be beautiful. The main overlook is about .75 miles from the trailhead with very little change in elevation so it will be a very easy hike.

The Plan:
– 5:20 Depart from Ray’s Campground
– 5:45 Arrive at Beauty Mountain Trailhead
– 6:12 Watch the sunset
– 7:00 Depart from trailhead
– 7:25 Arrive back at Ray’s Campground

What To Bring:
– Sturdy Hiking Shoes
– Warm Clothing
– Water
– Snacks/food
– Headlamp
– Bedtime stories for the lil’ guy in the sky

General NRGE Info:
If you are added to this adventure you NEED to join the main carpool adventure. That is where rides to and from the campground are organized, it is also important that you read that entire trip description as it has important information about food, camping arrangements, etc. I put the fee as $0 for this adventure but keep in mind that the cost of NRGE is $10

DRIVERS NEEDED, Drivers will get priority off of the waitlist and some sort of reimbursement/tip although I am not 100% certain how that works for NRGE.



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