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Climbing (Top Rope) Climbing (Top Rope)
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  • Oct 22
  • 09:00:00
  • Ray's Campground


  • Oct 22
  • 16:15:00
  • Summersville, WV


  • Oct 20
  • 22:00:00


  • $0.00


“To see what others can not…
You must climb the mountain”
Ron Akers

*Drivers needed* we leave from Ray’s Campground so make sure to signup for the general carpool.

This is a beginner-friendly bouldering/climbing trip to a location that will be determined after my lab report is written. Bouldering involves unroped climbing with crash pads used to prevent injury during falls.

The plan is to leave Ray’s Campground around 9 a.m. to get a couple hours of bouldering in. Then I hope to drive over to Summersville lake for some deep water soloing. This involves swimming out to the route and climbing unroped. Once you finish the route (or fall) you just jump back into the water. It needs to be warm for deep water soloing, and I’d also need to find out more info from friends first, so that’s not something we can count on. If not we’ll just boulder until we’re tired, then head back to Ray’s.

(Edit: The friends say deep water soloing is illegal so we’re just bouldering. :P)

Things you need.

Climbing Shoes (you can get from the gear room)
Chalk Bag
Water (2L)
Bathing Suit

Things I bring

Crash Pads
First Aid Kit

If you have questions please ask @ 540-326-5601.




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