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Kayaking (Whitewater) Kayaking (Whitewater)


  • Oct 16
  • 17:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 17
  • 20:00:00
  • Gauley River West Virginia


  • Oct 15
  • 22:00:00


  • $0.00


Let’s ditch the Bridge Day shuttle chaos on the New River for NRGE weekend, and head to the Gauley instead! Its the last release weekend on the Gauley River and a fantastic opportunity to get paddlers of all (most) levels out on this famous river.

Upper: http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/detail/id/2378
Middle: http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/detail/id/3128
Lower: http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/detail/id/2379

If you are an advanced kayaker who will be paddling the Upper or Lower Gauley, you know who you are.

For those left asking, “Should I sign up for this trip?” see if you fall into either of these categories:

(a) You are an intermediate kayaker with previous class III experience (the James River through Richmond counts). You don’t necessarily need a stellar roll.

(b) You are such an eager and strong beginner you’re basically an intermediate. You may have only run class II rapids before and felt very comfortable (the Rivanna kinda counts) but you do have a solid roll (perhaps in a lake or pool.)

If you’re now thinking, “Hey, that’s me!” then sign up! If you are on the border line, keep in mind that the middle section of the Gauley is definitely going to be a step up for you, but nothing a strong will and a love of swimming can’t conquer.

~Note: I will be assessing everyone’s skill level who signs up for this trip, and will try to put together the safest crew Ned and I feel qualified to guide down this section.~

Leave Friday between noon-6pm. We’ll likely have a few cars going up at various times.
The upper crew will put on early in the morning, and will plan on meeting the intermediate crew around 2-3pm Saturday at the start of the middle. This will be a good time for the middle crew to arrive a few minutes early, after running shuttle, and eat a packed lunch. This will all be coordinated Saturday morning before we leave the campsite. The middle section isn’t too long, but we will plan on spending at least 2 hours on the section working on skills and cleaning up carnage (just kidding about the carnage…mostly.) Then we’ll head back to the campsite and join the rest of the NRGE celebration! Plan on signing up for another adventure if you’re staying through Sunday.

CLUB PROVIDES: Boats and gear, gas $$$, warm outer-layers for the water.

YOU PROVIDE: Long, synthetic layers to wear under the club’s warm gear. No cotton! Pack a lunch, or money for much, and a snack for the river, i.e. a protein bar or jerky. Bring 2 water bottles and a change of clothes + towel.

I am NOT “leading” any river trips, I am only coordinating some transportation and logistics. YOU are responsible for your own safety and the activities you choose to participate in while on this trip. Additionally, all participants must have read and must agree to abide by the American Whitewater Safety Code http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/Wiki/safety:start? for the duration of the trip.
All who participate on this trip agree to participate as “Common Adventurers”.




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