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  • Oct 4
  • 16:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 6
  • 23:00:00
  • Ray's Campground (Hico, WV)


  • Oct 2
  • 20:00:00


  • $20.00


Let’s start bright and early and spend the day along trails of the New River. We will spend today along the river and see how our fellow Outdoor club members are doing especially near the Surprise Rapid. We will hike a total of 9.7 miles. It will be a day that is considered Easy/Moderate.

Saturday’s itinerary will include:
Brooklyn Mine Trail (2.7 miles) Moderate
Southside Trail (7 miles) Easy

Brooklyn Mine Trail
This 2.7 mile equestrian Trail follows and old road through the forest to the Brooklyn coal mine site. Scenic views can be found along the trail.

Southside Trail
This easy seven mile riverside trail provides great views of the New River and passes through several abandoned New River Gorge mining towns. Rush Run, Red Ash, and Brooklyn were all once bustling communities located along this abandoned railroad line. The first mile from Cunard River Access is open to motorized vehicles.

Further details are included in the following sites:

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for you own safety and the activities you choose to participate in while on the hike.

We will then arrive back at the camping site early evening.

Camping Details:
In Progress….. I am still working out the details for food.
At a minimum, I will provide easy breakfast and lunch items. The allotment from the club is $8/person/day(although this might change) so I will take the number of participants x $8 x2 days to determine. If you have any specific requests you can note them in the questionnaire upon joining the adventure.

We’ll be staying at Ray’s Campground: http://www.rayscampground.com/

There is plenty of space, bathrooms/showers, firewood to purchase, and good people. For directions you can follow the link above or the “adventure destination” link posted with this adventure.

The club will cover part of your camp fee ($9.00 per person per night)

For now I am putting down $20 as a base trip fee to make sure everything gets covered (you may have additional fees depending on the potential separate adventure you might choose; this is the same $20 as I set in the “Base Camp” adventure, NOT in addition to). The bill can get pretty hefty with a huge group traveling, camping, and chowing. I don’t want this trip to put too large of a dent in the club’s checking account, but may be able to reduce the fee. The club’s officers are currently working on getting some outside (Ha! No pun intended!) funding to help subsidize this trip. I’ll know more as the date draws near and will let you know. Whatever the case, your trip fee goes toward lodging fees, food, ga$, and camping gear rental (we had such a huge turnout last year that we had to rent several tents!)

Departure Times:
I am also attempting to coordinate departure times between Friday’s hike folks and Saturday’s hike folks.
Personally, I am taking off on Friday so I am tentatively thinking of leaving mid morning to get in a couple Friday hikes. My plan is to either lead a hiking event or attend another event on Sunday before heading back. I can however provide transportation to this event on Saturday for 3 additional hikers.
For those interested in this hike, I am requesting drivers. Please specify the number of people you can bring in your car and your preferred departure time Friday and Sunday. Once I have a list, we can coordinate so that everyone can car pool together from Charlottesville. I will give priority to the first 2-3 drivers who sign up. They will help carpool hikers from Charlottesville to WV, to the hiking destinations for Saturday’s hike, and from WV to Charlottesville. I currently am stating the departure time as 4pm on Friday however this may change depending on the drivers’ time constraints. If times changes, I will let you know when we get closer.

Club Provides: Gear like tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cookware and stoves. WHEN you sign up for the adventure make sure you note whether you need a sleeping bag or pad, whether you have a tent and how many people it can sleep so we can coordinate what additional gear is needed and if you should get gear from the gear room.

You should bring:
For Hikes: Lots of water, comfortable sturdy shoes, sunscreen, a camera, food/snacks, flashlight, toiletries, money, bug spray, hiking backpack, rain gear, layers such as a fleece or light jacket

For Camping: Camping gear, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, mess kit (fork, spoon, plate, cup), flashlight, toiletries, clothes (prep for cool nights and mornings), tooth brush/tooth paste, fun things for the campground!

Withdrawing from Base Camp Trip:
If you signed up for my NRGE “Base Camp” trip please withdraw from that AFTER you are confirmed for this trip or another adventure’s trip list which will host your camping gear, food, and transportation needs. Stay on the Base Camp’s trip list if you do not get off this waitlist, or onto another adventure, and you still want to go to the Extravaganza.

Look forward to seeing everyone during the New River Gorge Extravaganza weekend!




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