Whitewater Rafting Whitewater Rafting


  • Oct 14
  • 09:30:00
  • Ray's Campground


  • Oct 14
  • 17:00:00
  • New River


  • Oct 12
  • 12:00:00


  • $0.00


Let’s go raaaaaftin’!!

The New River is my favorite river for many reasons, one of them being the bomb rafting that it offers. We’ll be rafting on the best section of the New: Cunard to Fayetteville. While I take you guys down this section of river I’ll give you guys the full spiel—info on the rapids, a bit of hydrology knowledge, and plenty of history and folklore of the area. No prior rafting/whitewater experience is necessary but YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO SWIM. The water will be pretty low so paddling in flatwater will be a thing; expect to be tired by the end of the day. The trip will be capped at 7 people as that’s how many people ODC’s biggest raft can seat.

The plan:

Wake up in the lovely West By-God-Va haven that is Ray’s Campground and be on the road no later than 9:30 in the AM. We will need two cars so that we can run shuttle and details for the shuttle will be decided once I see what kinds of cars people have. Don’t plan to do any other adventures after the rafting trip on Saturday because with the water being so low and shuttle generally always taking longer than expected, we may get back to Ray’s a bit after 5 PM. *Everyone will be waitlisted until I can ensure that we will have two drivers/cars*

Club provides:
– Raft, helmets, paddles, pfd’s, raft pump, dry gear
– Gas reimbursement + 50% TIP (capped at $20)!!!

You will need:
– ~LAYERS~ of non-cotton clothing (so far it’s supposed to be in the mid-70’s but still be prepared to bring layers in case it turns out to be colder or you’re like me and get cold easily)
– A change of clothes for off of the river, including dry shoes
– Shoes for the river— chacos are perfect but any other kind of shoe that doesn’t slip off easily is also great
– Sunscreen
– Two water bottles (the kind with a built-in loop are ideal; I’ll be bringing some carabiners that we can hook them onto)
– Carabiners if you have them
– A dry bag if you have it
– Any medications that you may need while on the river
– Any sealed snacks (eg, granola bars) that you may want while on the river
– If applicable, something to prevent your glasses from falling off
– Smylez fo dayz

Disclaimer: don’t bring anything on the river that you aren’t okay with losing (except for your cool; bring that on the river but please don’t lose it)

Reminder: It’s a good idea to re-read the trip description for New River Gorge Extravaganza 2017 and remember that you shouldn’t sign up for the Nrge Carpool until you’re off of a waitlist for one of the Nrge trips.

Hoping to see ya on the water!!!!




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