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  • Oct 21
  • 16:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 23
  • 13:00:00
  • Ray's Campground


  • Oct 20
  • 10:00:00


  • $0.00


Hey everyone!

General NRGE details:
Leave Grounds at 4:30pm, arrive at Ray’s. Chill at Ray’s Saturday-Sunday, leave Ray’s on Sunday by 1pm. This is what I’ll be setting the date times for this trip as.

NRGE trip-specific details:
I’m leading a Sunday morning walk to Endless Wall Trail before we leave the NRGE campground for UVa. The Endless Wall is a ~3 mile walk with many vistas, an overlook at Diamond Point, views of the New River, etc.
I think this will be a great last hurrah before we all leave. It’s a 10 minute drive from Ray’s Campground, in Edmond, WV.

I plan to leave Sunday around 8:30/9am for the hike, we should be back at the campground before noon and then head on out. You shouldn’t need much for this walk, and we’ll have time to come back to Ray’s and pack up our stuff.

Things to bring:
-Water (1-2L)
-camera to take photos (it’s hype)
-snacks/light breakfast if we chill at the overlook for a bit

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