Hiking (Day Hikes) Hiking (Day Hikes)


  • Nov 21
  • 06:30 AM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Nov 21
  • 01:15 PM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Nov 21
  • 12:00 AM


  • $5


  • Old Rag Mountain, Virginia, USA


Last weekend’s attempt to do Old Rag turned into a Rivanna jog due to driver shortage. Seeing how many people are leaving this weekend, I don’t love my odds but here goes with attempt 2. If you have a car and want to do Old Rag but the timing or day of this trip doesn’t work, I’m flexible. Shoot me an email at mps9xs@virginia.edu and I’ll edit the trip if needed.

Anyway, here’s the (slightly modified) description from last weekend:
Day-tripping is an art form, but also a science. It can be learned in minutes, but takes a lifetime to master. The reward? Achieving the fullest of sends while still having the luxury of sleeping in your own bed that night.

Ok that was a pretty dramatic intro for a 9 or so mile hike but you get the point. I wanna get up early, see the sunrise from the road, and avoid the crowds that clog up the rock scramble. Being back on grounds by oneish is an added benefit.

The route (according to AllTrails) is 9.5 miles with 2700′ vert. We won’t be setting speed records, but this is a fairly long hike so make sure you’re up for that. There will be a rock scramble on the way up, and 360 views. Here’s the link to the AllTrails: https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/virginia/old-rag-mountain-loop-trail

Drivers will be prioritized. Drivers get full reimbursement for gas + 50% tip. Since we are heading to a national park, those with park passes will be prioritized with drivers. Fee only applies if we don’t get a park pass.

Things to bring:
-Sturdy hiking or trail running shoes
-Layers (check weather)
-Lots of water (2 liters minimum I’ll probably pack 3)
-Mask for the car ride

Approximate Schedule:
6:30 AM – Arrive at Corner of Echols Dorm
8:00 AM Arrive at Old Rag trailhead
10:00 AM Summit
12:00 AM Off the mountain and hitting the road
1:15 PM Get back to cville, maybe later if we stop for lunch




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