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  • Oct 19
  • 01:00:00
  • Bonnycastle Circle


  • Oct 19
  • 12:00:00
  • Old Rag


  • Oct 18
  • 12:00:00


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Yeah, that’s right, we do it in the dark. Sorry this trip got rained out last time, but I decided to try it again before winter takes over. This time, we will depart from Echols dorm at 1 AM (that’s that time past midnight) and arrive at Old Rag Mt. with plenty of time to summit and watch the sunrise.

Old Rag is a 7 mile hike with a 2200 ft elevation change. It first starts out with several switchbacks and then gets a bit more interesting with a boulder scramble, a cave, and a natural stairwell. This is a moderate hike, but strenuous in some sections.

We only just had a full moon this week, so the moon will still be pretty full and we should have a good amount of light, but headlamps (provided by the club) will also help. I’m going to have to limit the number of people who can go on this trip based on how many headlamps I can check out from the club tomorrow. I know this is a bit last minute, but hopefully that won’t be a problem.

IMPORTANT: It is going to be so cold. SO COLD!! I’m not being a pansy. The weather is supposed to drop back down to a more seasonably cool temperature, and we’re going to be in the mountains. I can’t stress this enough. SO COLD! So bring as many layers as you can carry, and I’m going to go ahead and call sleeping bags necessary. It would be GREAT if you could come check out sleeping bags for yourself tomorrow at the regular gear room time (5:30), but I’ve got one or two personal sleeping bags that I can loan out if I need to. COLD!! I promise.
ALSO IMPORTANT: This trip is weather dependent. If it rains, we won’t be able to go because rock scrambling is treacherous in the wet.

We provide:
money for gas +30% if you drive

You provide:
Water (1-2L)
Snacks if you want
LAYERS (fleece + jacket + protective bubble)
headlamp if you have it
sleeping bag if you have it

I cannot stress the importance of layers for the top of the mountain. Bring a sleeping bag. Wear all your clothes. Whatever temperature it feels like that night in cville, it will feel like that temp -30 degrees at the top.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t be amazingly fun!!
(there also may be an unofficial huge feast when we get back, because I’ll be hungry for some China King Buffet before my massive nap).

PS I’m going to waitlist everyone until drivers sign up and I know how many headlamps we have.




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