Hiking (Backpacking) Hiking (Backpacking)
Swimming Swimming


  • Aug 21
  • 11:00:00
  • Becca Percy's House


  • Aug 22
  • 17:30:00
  • Saint Mary's Wilderness


  • Aug 20
  • 17:00:00


  • $15.00


This overnight backpacking adventure offers an opportunity to learn some basic outdoor survival skills in a beautiful wilderness area with a waterfall and some great swimming holes. We will hike 2-3 miles in along the river, set up camp and from there make a demonstration survival shelter, find some wild edible plants to add to our dinner and start a fire, preferably without match or lighter, that we can cook dinner over. There will definitely be time for a swim and berry picking as well!
The following day in camp we can practice some craft skills, like making survival cordage from plant materials, fishing hooks, and some nature observation and tracking skills and then hike out and swim.
The club can’t cover food costs during summer so bring 15.00 for food. If we can get buy with less I’ll reimburse everyone for the difference at the adventure’s end.
— You need: backpack, backpack rain cover,tent, sleeping pad, headlamp, swimsuit, sunscreen, bug spray, 2 water bottles. If you’d like to skip the tent please bring a tarp as there won’t be time for everyone to build a complete survival shelter.
— Club provides: Any gear you don’t have, money for gas, shared gear and food.
— You provide: Gear you have, food money, SNACKS, swimsuit, sunscreen, bugspray, boots, knife for carving wood.(I have a couple extra knives)
Please note that we are meeting off grounds because of it being move-in weekend. If you need a ride to Becca’s house contact me and I or another club member can pick you up.



Von Der Muhll

Trips Attended: 80 Trips Led: 47

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