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  • May 14
  • 09:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • May 19
  • 20:00:00
  • Outer Banks, NC


  • May 11
  • 23:59:59


  • $20.00


Wanna get out to the beach in true outdoors club style? We will be backpacking two sections of trail for about 40 miles total covered. The convenient break in between will allow us to refill on food and water and never have to carry ridiculously heavy packs. Bring your sunblock and swimsuit and get ready for some of the best seashell collecting opportunities on the east coast!

Saturday: Drive from C’ville (~6-7 hrs)
Sunday: Hike Neusiok Trail Part I
Monday: Hike Neusiok Trail Part II
*Drive <1 hr, scenic ferry ride to Shackleford Island* Tuesday: Hike Shackleford Island Part I Wednesday: Hike Shackleford Island Part II Thursday: Ferry ride back, drive back to C'ville (~6-7 hrs) THE NEUSIOK TRAIL: (21 miles) "While hiking the trail, the visitor is likely to see signs of wild turkeys scratching in the oak-hickory stands, or red-tailed hawks, ospreys, and even eagles soaring against the sky. Song birds (warbler populations peak in April and May) flit through the undergrowth and the tree tops, challenging the observer to get a glimpse sufficient for their identification. Alligators are common in Cahoogue and Hancock creeks in the NW region of the trail- look for "logs" that don't belong! The eyed visitor will also find reminders of the human history of the Forest. There are barrels, jars and copper coils, the remains of stills blown up by law officers in the not-too-distant past, scattered along the trail in the region of Cahoogue Creek. Early in this century much of the area along the Neuse was farmed and several graves are located near the trail although their wooden markers are now almost completely lost." *** Check out *** SHACKLEFORD ISLAND: (9 miles long, ~1 mile wide) "Prepare for great hiking and shelling! There are 140 wild horses on the island and some of the best shelling and birding on the entire east coast. Binoculars suggested." *** Check out *** Club provides: * Gas reimbursement for drivers, + 30% tip * Gear if needed (tents, headlamps, backpacks, stoves/fuel, sleeping bags/pads, drom bags, etc) * Reimbursement for campsites and food You provide: * $$$ for ferry/food on the road/other miscellaneous costs * Personal gear (good hiking shoes, water bottles, utensils) * Good karma 🙂



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