Sunbathing Sunbathing
Swimming Swimming


  • Oct 8
  • 13:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 8
  • 18:00:00
  • Panther Falls


  • Oct 8
  • 11:00:00


  • $0.00


Looking for a way to enjoy what could be one of our last warm days for a while? Got just the thing! We will be driving to a gem of a place called Panther Falls where there are two jump rocks on either side of a little waterfall into a deep pool. Includes opportunity for natural watersliding, gnarly jumps/tricks, a small underwater cave into the heart of the waterfall, sunbathing, and friendship. We’ll leave from Charlottesville at 1:00, drive the hour and a half to the falls, hang out there for about two hours, then come back to Cville around dinner time. Optional stop at Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie for dinner if people are up for it!

I’ve got room for 4 in my car, but we can take as many people as we have spots for, so drivers sign up! Drivers automatically get off the waitlist. Still looking for another one!

Here’s a link to a description. Go to “Panther Falls”:

You bring:
Swimming Clothes
Dry Clothes
Money for dinner if we decide to stop
Hammock (optional)
Hackysack (optional)
Snacks (optional)
Books for leisure or studying (optional)

I’ll bring:
Directions for drivers
Tip for drivers (30%)




Trips Attended: 30 Trips Led: 16

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