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  • Apr 28
  • 08:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Apr 28
  • 16:20:00
  • Manchester Wall


  • Apr 25
  • 13:00:00


  • $0.00


Hey, you. Yeah, you. You want to go climbing outside, and I know how to make that happen. This trip is perfect for you no matter where you are on your climbing journey because it’s a trip to the Peak Experiences Climb Right workshop, where you’ll be able to get instruction no matter your experience level! Here’s the deal:

Who: Literally anyone of any climbing ability

What: Climbing workshops!! and food!!

When: April 28th, 8:30am-4:30pm

Where: Manchester (outdoor climbing) Wall, RVA

Why: Because this opportunity is just TOO GOOD to pass up

How: Bring climbing gear (full list below) and a positive attitude and get learned in the ways of climbing. You can also sign up for specific clinics here (

More of info about the workshop can be found here ( but the gist of it is that Peak Experiences is hosting a day of outdoor climbing workshops for FREE and you’re all invited.

8:30am Leave Echols. This means please arrive earlier if at all humanly possible because we will be pulling out at 8:35.
10:00am Arrive at Manchester wall and start cLiMbiNG
12:00pm Lunch break (peak will provide food, but bring some of your own just in case)
1:00pm Keep climbing
3:00pm Head back to Cville unless you’re staying to climb after***

What to bring:
1-2L of water
Climbing shoes (available at the gear room)
Harness (available at the gear room)
Chalk bag (available at the gear room)
Belay device (even if you can’t use it yet bc you’ll get to learn!)
Food/snacks in case you don’t like / can’t eat the stuff Peak provides

Drivers get fully reimbursed for gas + a 50% tip up to $20. They also get priority off the waitlist so perks!!

*** Climbing after the workshop:
I’ll be staying to climb after the workshop, but I can only supervise so many people. I want everyone to be able to take advantage of the workshops so I’m not limiting the overall trip size, but if you want to stay and climb after please let me know so I can plan accordingly. The number of people I can have stay will ultimately be limited by the number of ~experienced~ belayers and outdoor climbers also on the trip, but I anticipate that it will be about 8. This can be more or less depending on the group, and I’ll let you know separately if I can have you stay and climb after. This is first-come first-serve, with the exception that I will try to get more people that have experience to help less experienced folks out.




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