Hiking (Day Hikes) Hiking (Day Hikes)
Social Events, Potlucks etc. Social Events, Potlucks etc.


  • Nov 5
  • 12:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Nov 5
  • 16:00:00
  • Blackrock Summit


  • Nov 4
  • 08:00:00


  • $5.00


I’m sure family weekend will be fun but it’s affecting my hiking free time so let’s do a small Sunday hike to get our outdoors fix in for the weekend. blackrock is a super easy hike with amazing 360 (ish) views and I haven’t seen it with the full fall foliage yet so it’s bound to be beautiful. .5 miles up my friends!! let’s leave around 12, drive 1 hour to the spot, stay at blackrock for about 2 hours, and be back on grounds by 4. what will we do at the top? get your Instagram pic, nap, jam (pls bring instruments), study (I guess if u want), read a book, play cards, etc. remember, we will be back by 4 so plenty of time to do homework/nap/whatever your heart desires. <3 stopping for a quick Sunday pick me up ice cream is definitely the move on the way back if drivers would like (bc I have been madly craving ice cream). what to bring: -hiking shoes -water -snacks -layers -SNP pass if you have one, $5 if you don’t -book/hw/INSTRUMENTS/cards -possibly $$ for ice cream drivers needed! Gas reimbursed plus 50% tip. Pls.




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