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Snowboarding Snowboarding


  • Dec 17
  • 19:00:00
  • Bonnycastle Circle


  • Dec 20
  • 10:00:00
  • Snowshoe Mountain


  • Dec 17
  • 12:00:00


  • $45.00


Hello Skiers/Snowboarders,

Need some motivation to get you through the rest of your finals? How about knowing that when you’re done you’ll be going on one of the best Snowshoe trips of the year. The post-finals Snowshoe trip is always a blast, because everyone wants to celebrate the end of the semester, and for most people it’s their first time back on the slopes for the season. Is that not enough to convince you to go? How about this:
While we’ve been stuck in the library studying for finals Snowshoe has gotten over 2 feet of fresh snow, and they predict to get more than another foot by the time we get there.

Here’s the plan:

Friday, December 17th:
7:00 pm – Depart from Bonnycastle Circle
10:30 pm – Get to Cass and hang out a bit, or start resting up for the weekend.

Saturday, December 18th:
9:00 am – wake-up, get breakfast, and leave for Snowshoe ASAP
1:00 pm – Meet at Shaver’s Center for Lunch
4:30 pm – Meet at Top of the World. Some go back to Cass, others night ski
7:30 pm – Dinner at Cass

Sunday, December 19th:
Repeat Saturday, some leave tonight, others leave Monday

Repeat Again

What to bring:
– Your snow gear or money for rentals
– Season pass or money for lift tickets
– Money if you want to buy lunch (We’ll provide PB & J)

– We will cover breakfast and dinner for Saturday & Sunday + PB & J for lunch

Cost: $45 deposit + lift tickets/rentals
Please call me (703-835-3934) or e-mail ( to find a time to get me the money.

This should cover more than the total cost, so I will most likely end up giving people money back. People who leave Sunday will get more back than people who leave Monday (to make it fair).

If you can’t go because of the timing of the trip (i.e. you have an exam late on Friday, or want to get back mid-day Sunday, etc.) Still sign-up and let me know on the form. If we have enough people in a similar situation we will try to work something out. Same goes if you need to find a ride back to your hometown after the trip.

Everyone will be waitlisted until we get a count of drivers. Priority will be given to people in the following order:
1. Drivers
2. People who responded to my original e-mail
3. Everyone else who signed up (in the order they signed up)




Trips Attended: 18 Trips Led: 3

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