Kayaking (Instruction Only) Kayaking (Instruction Only)


  • Apr 20
  • 11:45:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Apr 20
  • 18:00:00
  • Walnut Creek Park


  • Apr 19
  • 10:00:00


  • $0.00


If you are going to the Creekathon and want to take a spin on the lake on one of the club’s fantastic new rec boats, sign up for this adventure! I’m posting this as a 2-hour, pre-Creekathon adventure, and also as a way to sign-up if you want to take a boat out during the Creekathon. More details below…

About the “adventure”: The first driver to sign up, then the next 3-4, will meet at Echols on Sunday at 11:45 and make their way to the park where I will meet you with the boats and gear. If you need instruction I will teach you how to paddle then you are on your own to explore the lake for a couple of hours, followed by good food, people, and times at the Creekathon (starts at 2pm). My plan is to help out with the intro to WW kayaking adventure, perhaps join you all for a bit, and/or mountain bike the trails.

About the sign-up: If you are going to the Creekathon at 2 and want to take a boat out, please sign up and indicate your plans in the adventure questionnaire. I will give you first dibs after the aforementioned pre-Creekathon adventure is over. Once the adventure roster and sign-up list is set, I will email everyone to provide a final plan.

Because I will be meeting you there and as I mentioned above, I will need a driver to make this work. Don’t worry if you’ve never been to the park; there is another kayaking crew leaving Echols at the same time as this adventure. I’ll work out details with Hannah, the leader of that crew, to form a caravan. Everyone who signs up will get automatically added to the waitlist, then I will move the first driver to sign up to the trip list, then will add 3 more attendees on a first-come-first-served basis.

No experience is necessary to join this adventure. Never paddled a boat? Don’t worry, these kayaks are very stable and I can teach you how to pilot them. They are perfect for an introduction into the wonderful realm of boating!

About the boats: 2 of them are tandem rec boats, and 1 single. I might even bring a canoe or 2 if there is enough interest.

I’m putting 6pm as an adventure end time as that is when the Creekathon ends. I will work with my driver(s) to make sure everyone on this adventure has a ride home.

The Club Provides: Boats, paddles, PFDs (aka life vests), boat/gear transport.

You should bring: swimwear, towel, change of clothes, footwear that can get wet (not necessary), sunblock, water, snacks, food for the Creekathon (be sure to sign up for that adventure too!)




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