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The weather is beckoning us to come outside and frolic in the cool air. Seriously though, every time I walk outside right now I start smiling as the suffocation of summer has left us and freeing fall has arrived. Come celebrate these great alliterative facts with me on a backpack this weekend! Get stoked for some delicious trail food (think banana chip and chocolate chip pancakes in the a.m.), gorgeous views, heart pounding accomplishment, and frivolity around a fire.

We’ll head out around 9:00 on Saturday morning, hike about 11 miles to get to a good stopping point for the night and come back on Sunday by mid-afternoon. We’ll only have about 5 miles to do on Sunday so we should be back in plenty of time to get that Sunday work grind on.

This is a more strenuous backpack as far as the climbing goes, but if you’re in relatively good shape I would have faith in yourself in being able to accomplish it. More information on the route can be found at this link:

You’ll need to get gear the personal gear listed at the bottom at gear room if you don’t have your own. If it is absolutely not humanly possible for you to make the gear room time then I can let people in on Friday afternoon at a TBD time. I’ll bring group gear (tents, stoves, pots, food). The fee for this trip is so your poor trip leader can buy food for you and fix it up. Please bring it in cash on Saturday.

What you need to bring:
2L water carrying capacity
sturdy hiking shoes
backpack (not school backpack, one from gear room)
sleeping bag
sleeping pad
bowl and spoon or other eating utensil (tupperware works well as bowl)

I can fit 4 others in my car but I’ll open the trip up to more people as soon as another driver signs up. Drivers get priority off the waitlist and gas reimbursed!

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