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  • Jan 6
  • 07:00:00
  • Bonnycastle Circle


  • Jan 8
  • 23:00:00
  • Snowshoe Mountain


  • Dec 31
  • 13:00:00


  • $50.00


Okay, I asked, and you responded.

Here is the tentative Itinerary (that I may have taken from another trip because I didn’t feel like writing one)

I am making this trip during the week simply because we get a cheaper rate on a sweet cabin and more people were interested for the weekday trip.
Here it is:

We’ll depart Charlottesville Wednesday morning to get a half day in before we have ourselves a raucous good time at a cabin literally 2 miles from the entrance of snowshoe. The owner told me it is a 15 minute drive at most. If you can’t leave until later on, we’ll work out a late car.
We’ll stay for two nights and ski/ride all day Thursday and Friday. Come back Friday after a day of skiing.


The cabin we are getting is at the top of the mountain.
We do not even need to drive to the slopes- he said its close enough to walk there!

if we get 12 people on the trip- the cost will drop to about 30-40 dollars.

If you got skiis or a board for christmas, this is the perfect time to use it!

I am waitlisting everyone because I need
1- drivers
2- drivers with 4-wheel drive

I need the 50.00$ up front so I can reserve the cabin. I will be around grounds until the 18th or 19th. and during christmas break some as well. check or cash, if you cant get it to me, you will need to mail it (please don’t mail cash).

We have some delicious meals in the works for dinner, so let me know if you have any dietary restrictions.

The club pays for: food $6 person/day, gas, lodging: $5 person/night

Since this trip is during the break, we don’t get the normal $12 person/day food budget. You may want to bring money for food for lunches if we cannot accommodate your food needs. Dinner and Breakfasts will be easy- lunches being the problem

You pay for:

With Snowshoe season pass:
lodging costs
per day ski rentals: $32
per day board rentals: $32
Snacks if you want them?

Without Snowshoe season pass:
per day lift ticket: $72
per day ski rentals: $32
per day board rentals: $32
plus lodging costs




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