Climbing (Sport) Climbing (Sport)


  • Feb 18
  • 06:00 AM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Feb 18
  • 09:00 PM
  • TBD


  • Feb 17
  • 08:00 PM


  • $0


  • Reeds Creek, West Virginia, USA


The Weather this weekend is looking Pristine to get some sick sport climbing in BUT I NEED A CAR, SO PRIORITY IF YOU GOT A CAR.

Reed’s Creek is a crag in WV about two and a half hours away with a really wide range of routes. It’s on limestone (which is pretty rare to find on the east coast) so if you’ve never climbed on it, SIGN UP FOR THIS TRIP.(Even if you have climbed on limestone sign up anyways, cause rocks).
(It’s expected that you know how to lead climb and belay since this is an intermediate trip)

Plan: Meet at Echol’s Dorm at like 6:00 A.M. Leave at like 6:05 A.M Drive there, Get there by like 8:30 -9 A.M. Climb most of the day (we’ll need to wrap up at like 5:30 P.M. at the latest cause of sunset). Leave and be back in Cville by like 9 P.M. at the absolute latest.

You should bring a Harness, Helmet, Shoes, belay device, Water, Food, and any gear you got (rope, personal anchor, quickdraws). I’ll bring whatever we don’t already have.
Txt me at 571-331-0634 if you’ve got gear so I know what to bring.

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