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  • Mar 23
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  • The Countryside Of Cville


  • Mar 22
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It’s time to dust off your bike, inflate those tires, and lube the chain because we’re going to go cruise down the beautiful countryside roads of Cville.

We will ride out from campus into the rolling roads of the Charlottesville countryside for either a 16 mile ride (1 to 2 hours) or a 33 mile ride (2-4 hours). Unless everybody wants to do the 33 mile ride (most in shape people can do this on a good bike), we’ll do the easier 16 mile loop.
The pace for the ride will be nice and easy 🙂

Outdoors at UVa provides:

We have 5 nice mountain bikes with water bottles and helmets if needed. These will go out first come first serve.

You must bring:

You MUST wear a helmet!
It is highly highly recommended that you bring some water to drink as well.

A small snack to replace some lost calories (you’ll be losing lots of’em!) is a good idea if you don’t want to run out of energy.

Since we will be going at a gentle pace, mountain bikes are ok just so long as they don’t weigh more than me.

I scheduled the trip for when it’s hottest during the day, but if the weather is in the low 60s it might be a good idea to wear long sleeves and pants (keep in mind the wind-chill…) If wearing pants, bring a rubber band to keep the right pant leg from getting soiled from rubbing on the chain.




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