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  • Nov 22
  • 09:00:00
  • The Nature Conservancy Parking Lot


  • Nov 22
  • 17:00:00
  • Rivanna Riparian Tree Plant Site


  • Nov 21
  • 13:00:00


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One of the most vital elements contributing to stream health/water quality is the presence of a riparian buffer. These plants’, shrubs’, and trees’ roots all help stabilize the streambank reducing erosion and assist in rainwater infiltration, as well as filtering out excess nutrients from
runoff. Their leaves help cool the waters of the stream, improving the water quality. In addition, this area will be terrific wildlife habitat. We will be planting native species of trees and shrubs, with a focus on providing
forage for native wildlife.

This project is being carried out by the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District and we are helping out. Read below to find out the specifics of what will be done.

We will be working on a local project establishing a 300 ft wide buffer on 7.3 acres along the Rivanna River in Albemarle County which was set aside by some conservation minded landowners. This job will be a major undertaking, and all of the labor is to be done using volunteers. Volunteers need not have any experience whatsoever.

Volunteers are meeting at a parking lot and carpooling from there, so you must be at the parking lot by the time listed below. Rides to the parking lot will be arranged by me. However, if you would like to go later you can drive directly to the site (directions are given in the location detail, but I will e-mail everyone the directions before the trip happens).

What to bring:
Work clothes (clothes that can get dirty)
Boots if you have them




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