Climbing (Indoor Bouldering) Climbing (Indoor Bouldering)
Climbing (Indoor Sport) Climbing (Indoor Sport)
Climbing (Indoor Top Rope) Climbing (Indoor Top Rope)


  • Apr 25
  • 12:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Apr 25
  • 19:15:00
  • Rise Up Climbing Gym


  • Apr 24
  • 13:00:00


  • $11.00


Hey Guys and Gals!

Let’s go to rise up in lynchburg!
they have some top roping and lots of bouldering. I think it is a pretty sick gym and a nice change of pace from peak…here is the website for you to check it out.
So the hours are 1-6 on Sunday so we will leave Echols at noon and leave once they kick us out or our hands just can’t hold on any longer. Bring $11 for gym admission and some money for food on the way back.
ABOUT RISE UP: they only use grigris there, so in order to pass the belay test you will have to know how to belay with a grigri. they are given to you and you do not have to know how to set up the rope in the grigri…just belay.

I’ll add more people once drivers sign up.

Any questions, call me!

Muy excited,
Lindsey S.




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