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  • Feb 12
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  • Three Ridges


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  • Three Ridges


  • Feb 9
  • 10:30 PM


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  • Echols Dormitory University of Virginia, McCormick Road, Charlottesville, VA, USA


Are you itching to go for a stroll that might take a while? Is your favorite place to sleep also on top of snow? Do you long for more in-depth discussions about the benefits of a really long walk? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes then you should join us for a 1 night backpacking trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The loop is 14 miles round trip and the wintery conditions will make it more difficult – so those with winter backpacking experience / more backpacking experience, in general, will get priority off the waitlist.


You will also be responsible for bringing your own gear. There’s a list of recommended items down below, check that out for an idea of what to bring.

The Plan:

We are going to leave Charlottesville around 10 on Saturday and drive roughly 1 hour to the trailhead. We will hike until our spidey senses begin to tingle and we find a good spot to rest for the night (Probably around 7-9 miles in) before cheffing up dinner and snuggling up with natures’ big spoon – the snow. We also may stay in the shelter instead, but please still bring a tent! On Sunday morning we will de-ice, pack up and head out to finish the loop before hopping back in our wagon and heading back to Charlottesville by early afternoon.

(please remember you want your pack as light as possible while still having the essentials)

– Backpacking backpack (available in the gear room)
– Sleeping bag that is appropriate for winter(available in the gear room)
– Sleeping bag liner (if appropriate, available in the gear room)
– Tent (lighter / smaller the better, available in the gear room)
– Headlamp (available in the gear room)
– Toothbrush,(if you want) toilet paper, hand sanitizer
– Eating utensil (sporks are the best)
– Clothes (NO COTTON)
– base layers (hiking shirt and pants)
– mid layer jacket
– puffer jacket
– socks for hiking and camp
– gloves
– warm hat or buff
– maybe rain gear
– camp shoes if you want
– Water bottles (Given the variability of running water during winter camping we will bring extra so everyone must have a carrying capacity of 3L)
– Food! Enough for dinner breakfast and lunch (plus snacks if you need them)
– Some recommendations: ramen, Annies Mac and cheese, instant mashed potatoes (with summer sausage), any knorr meal, pop tarts, snack bars, instant oatmeal

Optional to Bring:
– Hiking poles
– Stove (if you have one if not we will share, available in the gear room)
– Water filter (we will also bring two and can share)

It’s gonna be a small group so no drivers are needed. If you have questions before or after signing up you can shoot either of us a text: Allegra (917-435-2130), Julia: (571-386-9612)




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