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  • Nov 4
  • 21:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Nov 5
  • 21:00:00
  • Bearfence Hut AT Shelter


  • Nov 2
  • 21:00:00


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Hi friends! I took a nap today and dreamt of this trip so naturally I have to bring it to fruition. This Saturday, let’s go on a late-ish night adventure to an overlook on skyline drive, then sleep in the cozy Bearfence AT hut, then wake up to do a Bearfence sunrise hike on Sunday morning (this has easily become my favorite place to view the sunrise and has a super fun rock scramble). Since it’s a very brief overnight trip with little hiking to the shelter, it’ll be super low stress to pack for. The hut comfortably sleeps around 7 people, and while I would love to snuggle with all of you there is a chance of rain Saturday night and I want to make sure that everyone who comes stays dry, so I will be limiting this trip to 7 people.

~the plan~
Sat 9:30 PM: leave echols with a full tank of gas, drive about 1 hour to baldface mountain overlook which is conveniently located a few miles away from the bearfence parking lot
10:30-12ish: hang out at the overlook, stargaze, jam
12ish: park our cars at the bearfence parking lot, hike 10 minutes to the AT shelter and set up so we can sleep (or not sleep, this is optional)
Sunday 6:00 AM: head over to the bearfence mountain trail to see the sunrise
6:45 AM: sunrise!!!
7:45 ish leave SNP
Return to Cville no later than 9 AM 🙂

What to bring:
Rain gear!!!!! please do this
Warm layers
Sleeping bag/blankets/sleeping pad/pillows
Sturdy shoes
**FOOD: as far as this goes it is up to you whatever you want to bring, but I would recommend keeping it small and mess-free (ex. granola bars, sandwich, trail mix) since we are only gonna be eating breakfast there. I will bring a baked dessert for everyone as usual 🙂

**DRIVERS WILL BE PRIORITIZED** and you will also be reimbursed for gas and get a tip 😀




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