Hot Air Ballooning Hot Air Ballooning


  • Oct 9
  • 06:15 PM
  • The Rotunda Steps


  • Oct 9
  • 08:00 PM
  • somewhere, hopefully far away from the void.


  • Oct 9
  • 03:00 PM


  • $0.00


  • The Rotunda, University Avenue, Charlottesville, VA, USA


So, this semester, wow. I think I have developed bad posture from all this computer time. I can tell you details about the bedrooms of classmates who I might not be able to recognize if I ever saw them in person. Today in my 6:30-8:45pm discussion, I totally checked out and just spent the rest of the class time with my video turned off, private messaging people compliments (couldn’t believe it took me a full hour and a half to notice this one guy got a haircut, it looked great, rock on dude), and eating raw cookie dough. I wrote a baller trip description in a moment of coffee-fueled genius, but then my browser refreshed, so that, too, was lost to the void. What a shame. Anyways,
– we will meet at the rotunda steps, masks on, that way no one needs to pretend to smile (it be like that sometimes).
– we will warm up our vocal chords with some pleasant chat, kvetching, the best icebreaker game I have EVER played from my RA days, etc in the lawn gardens (accessible nature)(my favorite place to cry) (highly suggest you try it sometime) (if you see my crying there though leave me alone) (I support you).
– we will walk/run/skip/crabwalk/drag ourselves to Culbreth garage.
– we will climb/step/fall up the stairs of said garage, check cardio off of our to-do list, and reach the top.
– we will line ourselves up, face the sunset, reflect in the waning light of the ball of fire that governs all of our lives, and THEN
– WE. WILL. SCREAM. Not whimper. Not moan. Not say words. We will scream, we will scream once, together, into the void. If you’re worried about screaming with other people around, let me assure you that a) no one cares, b) life and college are both too short to not scream with company sometimes, and c) everyone is screaming on the inside at least a little, so they’ll get it, I know from experience.
– we will eat cosmic brownies or some other covid-appropriate snack food that I can throw at you and watch the sun carry our screams into the darkness. comforting, I know.
– we will fall back down the stairs, and we will depart back to our lives, but all the lighter, and maybe the ridiculousness of this trip will help us not need to fake a smile. still wear your mask, though.

– is this weird? no.
– is this the weirdest trip you never would have thought you would lead? yeah, I guess, but I think screaming is a bit more socially accepted than squirrel crusading, idk that could just be a me thing
– am I allowed to scream any words? nah, just a good old scream will do, one and done. The void likes things unfiltered by words, and I like to not get in trouble in case a pedestrian misinterprets said screams and calls the cops. I think we’ll be fine, though.
– how do you do it? good question.
– is this just because you’ve always secretly wanted to be in an improv comedy group, and you will spend the rest of your life regretting never taking the chance to act like an idiot on stage with friends and an audience that laughs at most of the jokes, even if they kind of miss the mark? …no comment.
– what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? I don’t choose favorites, but possibly chunky monkey, I like walnuts.
– I can’t come/am waitlisted/shy? Omg, no worries, my phone number is in my bio, voice message me your scream instead, I get it.
– should I bring anything? uhhh your lungs, maybe some liquid to soothe your throat, your trauma, your confidence, your will to live, yourself, shoes probably, a thirst for freedom…. that should cover most of it. be there or be square, or don’t, live your life, respect.




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