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  • Nov 22
  • 06:00:00
  • Wintergreen Resort


  • Nov 22
  • 12:00:00
  • Wintergreen Resort


  • Nov 20
  • 12:00:00


  • $149.00


It looks like there’s enough interest from club members and friends to set up a group discount with Wintergreen on getting a season pass. Thanks to all who responded. So here is how this will work: You sign up for the adventure and your name gets placed on the waitlist. Once you’ve paid the fee, you get put on the trip list and can go to Wintergreen to get your pass (I’ll send out an email when they are ready). You can send your money, payable to me “David Clark” (hoooh-haaah, evil laughter) at 3595 Presidents Road, Scottsville, VA 24590″. If we get 20-49 people to do this, our cost will be $149, $10 off the regular rate. If we get 50+ it will be $135! We may get this number since we’re joining forces with the snowboard team, however, I’m going to play it conservatively and put the cost at $149. Please note that if you are renewing your membership from last year you will get an additional $10 off, bringing your total to $139. Please make your check out to the appropriate amount, and I will refund you the difference (hoooh-haaah, more evil laughter) if we get 50+ (GET YOU FRIENDS INTERESTED! THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE CLUB MEMBERS TO GET IN ON THIS! But they do have to be members to go on the club trips to wintergreen). Please ACT NOW as the deadline for me to get the info to wintergreen is November 24th. If you have a friend that wants to get involved, just indicate in the set of questions after you join, where you can include their contact info.

Also please note that this fee does not include rental. You can purchase a season rental pass for $139.

Once your pass is ready for pick up you have to go to Wintergreen and get it at the group sales office (the place isn’t that big, the group sales office is easy to find). You’ll want to go early in the season and/or mid-day to beat the lines.

For more info check out

Questions? Contact Wintergreen, or reach me at or (434) 962-9737.




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