Biking (Mountain) Biking (Mountain)


  • Oct 2
  • 09:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 2
  • 18:00:00
  • Sherando Lake


  • Oct 2
  • 08:00:00


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Hey y’all,

I am here to tell you that it is time to repent for not going outside enough the last few weeks. What better way to do that than a 19mi ride with 3200′ of climbing? Answer: There is no better way.

Link about the ride:

Probably going to do something similar to this loop, but I am open to suggestion.

If you are just getting into Mountain biking this might not be the trip for you. It is a great place for new riders to get experience riding tough and diverse terrain but it is a bit of a longer ride and might present stamina issues (not that I won’t be struggling myself). That being said, if you think you are up for it I want you out there with me suffering!

What to Bring:
– Daypack
– Mountain Bike
– Helmet
– 3-4L of Water
– Lunch + Snacks

Club Provides:
– Bikes (if needed)
– Helmets (if needed)

Still mulling it over? email me

It is thought that around this time of year, given the right conditions, from the highest peak at Sherando (3505′) you can hear the whoops and howls of Shreddy Roosevelt off in the distance. I suspect we might be lucky enough to hear some of these whoops echoing off the mountain tops on this trip.

Ride or die,
Thomas Shredison




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