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  • Mar 5
  • 09:00:00
  • 1535 Gordon Avenue


  • Mar 13
  • 20:00:00
  • Big Sky, Montana


  • Mar 1
  • 19:00:00


  • $448.00


Big Sky, Montana is AMAZING. It is consistently voted one of the least crowded ski resorts. By the end, you WILL be mad if you have to wait more than 2 minutes to get on a lift. It offers an amazing amount of skiing in the BEAUTIFUL area that is Montana. Screw this east coast crap, where the slopes are great if they last more than 2 minutes
There is a variety of terrain. Lone Peak is one of the highest lift-accessible points in the US. It has an amazing panaramic view that you can get to even if you don’t want to ski off the peak.

We will also spend at least one day in Yellowstone doing some XC Skiing on some groomed trails there. The trip is what you want to make of it – so you can ski less/more than everyone else if you so wish.

What we will be doing:
* Skiing/Boarding!!! – I plan on spending 4 days skiing on Big Sky
* XC Skiing – In yellowstone! hot springs anyone?
* Chilling in our sweet condo – it sleeps 8 and has a PRIVATE hot tub! It also has guest access to some spa in town. AND, a great view of Lone Peak. Very sweet lodging!

How the money breaks down:
The club chips in a great deal of money for this, but we’d go bankrupt if we paid for everything, so, your money would break down as follows (these are estimates)
* Gas – $110
* Lodging – $150
* Lift – $168 (4 days at $42 per day)
* XC Skiing – $20
* RENTAL – (Check costs online)
This should be an AMAZING trip, to say the least. Please sign up if you are serious about going

How are we getting there?
We will take cars. Cars, you say? Yes, cars. It will take around 30-34 hours of driving to get there, but we can definetely do this in shifts. You need to have a drivers license to go because you will be driving. We will have 2 cars worth of people and the club has walkie talkies, so we can insult each other from the comfort of another car.

Please confirm within a few days if you can do this. I will probably take deposits at some point to save everyone else from getting screwed if you drop off.




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