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  • Dec 16
  • 07:00:00
  • 2104 Jefferson Park Ave Appt D


  • Dec 23
  • 23:30:00
  • UTAH!


  • Nov 22
  • 13:00:00


  • $950.00


OKAY, lets start the winter season right with a trip to UTAH!
I will be leaving Dec 16th at 11:28 from the Norfolk airport (might change based on group consensus; IF YOU HAVE AN EXAM CONFLICT TILL DEC.18 YOU CAN STILL GO! we will book your flight together and we will meet you in Utah. I will need at least 1 driver to take the later people to the airport. there is a shuttle that we will be set up, in which the cost will be reimbursed by outdoors club, that will take you from the airport in Salt Lake City to the lodge.
My flight, with taxes, fees, and snwboard bag will be $400 round trip!
The only thing is that WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING TO AND FROM NORFOLK…GAS WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED, BUT SPLIT BY CARS. people going the same time as me will not have to park at the airport to pay the ridiculous price because i live in Norfolk!

So the plan:

Both groups will get there at night. we are staying in the Alta snowpine lodge, which will cost $60 a day, but we get $5 off a day per person from outdoors club! we are staying in dorm rooms (6 girls per room, and 12 guys per room). we will be getting a complementary breakfast and 4 course dinner. we will buy lunch food from the grocery store…lunch food will be reimbursed by outdoors club!
there is an outdoor spa.

We will be using super ski passes which will get us on Alta, snowbird, brighton, and solitude mountains.
Alta doesn’t allow snowboarders, so i will be headed to snowbird which is a 1 mile shuttle ride away. Brighton and solitude are a little farther and cost a few bucks, but i will hit those too!
The ski pass is $55 a day.

So money:
flight: mine is $400 for everything
ski passes: $39 a day
lodging after reimbursement: $55
food: free!
gas to get to airport: a tank/# of ppl in cars.

for me this would add to 400 + (39 * 6) + (55 * 7) = below 1000
I plan for around $100-200 of misc fee always.

we will have a meeting soon (i will email everyone) so we can book lodging, flights, arrange rides, talk about what to pack, what to do, and to answer any questions!
If you have a question now, please call me as soon as you can
757 502-3659

so freakin excited!
–lindsey Shall




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