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  • Apr 25
  • 07:00:00
  • Graveyard


  • Apr 26
  • 17:00:00
  • Skydive Orange


  • Apr 21
  • 12:30:00


  • $225.00


Howdy Gang,

Feel like getting down on the weekend? Then come skydiving Friday April 25th or Saturday 26th in Orange County. Skydive Orange is hooking us up with an awesome UVA Outdoors Club exclusive discount. For your first jump and bang for you buck this is definitely the way to go.

We will be doing a tandem skydive where you will be attached to a skilled instructor. The plane will go up to 13,500 ft and you will experience approximately 50 seconds of freefall and 3-4 min of canopy flight. There is a short ground training (~20 – 30 min) required for the tandem jump, and then just waiting for your turn to experience the ride of your life! If you have any questions about the tandem skydive check out the link here:

Normally, a first time tandem skydive costs $270 but depending on how many people sign up, that price will drop dramatically with an additional discount if you pay with cash:

———–Cash/Credit Card
8 or less —- 225/ 240
9 or more — 210/ 220
20 or more — 180/ 190
25 or more — 170/ 180
30 or more — 160/ 170
40 or more — 150/ 160

Add video or photos $100 cash or $105 plastic*
Add video and Photos $130 cash or $130 Plastic*
*Visa /MasterCard /Amex /Discover

To fit everyone in, we’ll be leaving in shifts from the Graveyard:
Friday: 7 am, 9 am, 11 am, and 1 pm
Saturday: 7am and 9am (and more if there enough interest)

10 people max per time slot. The amount of time it takes to perform the jump is weather dependent. I’ve been told its in the neighborhood of 2-4 hours including prejump training.


-A signed UVA Outdoors Indemnification Agreement (waiver) – Since this trip is considered a “high-risk” adventure, all participants must sign and return this waiver to me by 10pm Monday April 21st:

-$50 non refundable deposit per person (in the event of inclement weather the jump will be rescheduled for another day). Call (703)759-3483 to make you deposit. These must be paid by Noon Monday April 21st. More details on the deposit here:

-Each person must be at least 18 years old, able to read, write understand English, be in reasonably good physical and mental condition, and be under 220 lbs.

-Bring a picture ID with DOB like a driver’s, and arrive on time.

-Read through Skydive Oranges FAQ’s:

-Watch this jazzy video to get a sense of what to expect:

We do have to give them a $50 non refundable deposit per person. If there is bad weather the day we go to jump then our jump will be rescheduled to another day. I will handle the deposit and scheduling as you sign up. Participants who do not pay the $50 deposit or turn in their signed UVA Outdoors Indemnification Agreement to me by Monday April 21st will not be allowed to participate.

**Because of having to schedule a large group to jump the same day I would encourage you to sign up for the trip and get me your deposit as early as possible to make sure there is room for you**

Because I’m expecting a large group to want to go, be prepared to spend several hours at Orange while waiting for you turn to jump. They have wifi so if you’re so inclined you can work on school work there. There are also restaurants around so you can either bring lunch or plan on eating out while there.

Get super pump! Get super high (in the atmosphere)! Get ready to jump out of a plane!

Hope to see a lot of yall there.





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