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  • May 6
  • 06:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • May 6
  • 18:00:00
  • Skydive Orange


  • May 1
  • 00:00:00


  • $245.00


To take a break from exams…. let’s jump out of a plane.

With Skydive Orange, the Outdoor Club’s #1 partner in flying the friendly skies.

The cost (in cash, credit cards cost extra) is $205 for a static line jump, $245 for a tandem jump, or $355 for an accelerated freefall course (for anyone seeking to work towards a skydiving license), and if we bring a large enough group they may offer a discount. The differences between all these options are explained on the website, but the most important difference (other than whether or not you trust your fate to yourself, a seasoned expert, or a 1/4″ cord stuck to the plane) is that a Tandem jump only requires 45 minutes of ‘class’, and is usually done by 1:00. Static or AFF require a long class, and are more of an all-day affair (hence the late end time).

I have always done tandem jumps in the past, but will probably do the static line this time. Ya’ll can pick what you prefer, and we’ll figure out ride sharing based on that.

I haven’t heard back from the company yet, but they will probably want $50 deposits from every jumper in the very near future. As soon as I get a deposit from you you’ll be added to the trip.

Also, there is a good chance that you can bring a friend not in the club if you like, since it will help the chances of getting a discount for everyone. First, though, I have to see if members fill all the trip slots.




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