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Snowboarding Snowboarding


  • Sep 18
  • 15:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Sep 18
  • 20:00:00
  • Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre


  • Sep 18
  • 12:00:00


  • $30.00


Are you Feeling the Bern-ing desire to practice your sick ski and snowboard moves, but unable to do so since it’s like 85 out? Have no fear – join us this Friday to a trip to Snowflex. Located in Lynchburg and part of Liberty University, Snowflex is the closest year-round outdoor ski and snowboard slope to Charlottesville. Complete with a ton of boxes, rails, and jumps, it’s primarily for practicing tricks, but it’s also useful for some downhill skiing/boarding. It’s basically like skiing/boarding on a wet plastic carpet. It’s strange. If you want more info, hit up

We’ll leave around 3:30pm on Friday, September 18th, drive to Lynchburg, shred for 2 hours, and then drive back to UVA. All in all, we probably won’t get back until 8.

Pricing: for 2 hours, “lift” tickets will be $16, and gear rental will be $14. Rentals includes ski/board, poles (if skiing), boots, and a helmet. Total = $30 for 2 hours. Unfortunately, my car doesn’t have ski racks or room to fit gear, so unless we can get a driver that has racks, you’ll need to rent gear – even if you have your own. I’ll update the pricing if a driver with racks joins the trip.

What you need to wear: long sleeves and long pants. Yes, it will be hot, but you need to wear long sleeves and pants – not my rules, but the rules of the facility. You’ll avoid getting some real nasty rugburns this way.

I’m capping the trip at 5 people. My car fits 5, but it’s pretty tight, so get ready for a slightly uncomfortable hour to Lynchburg.

Come skiing or snowboarding in the summer heat at Snowflex
$30 for 2 hours
3:30pm to 8pm on Friday, 9/18
Wear long sleeves and long pants.
Get ready to shred




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