Skiing (Downhill) Skiing (Downhill)
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  • Dec 5
  • 18:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Dec 7
  • 19:00:00
  • Snowshoe Mountain


  • Nov 28
  • 18:00:00


  • $20.00


**If you are interested in joining the trip and missed the deadline, send me an email. I may be able to add you. If you could drive, that would help.**

We’ll be leaving Charlottesville Friday afternoon and staying at a yet to be determined location near Snowshoe, probably Cass. I intend to get a reservation this weekend after I get a sense for how many people are coming. I am going to try to keep it to around $20. Ski/Board Saturday and Sunday return to Charlottesville Sunday afternoon. In addition to this being one of the earliest opportunities to get out this season, it is also Subaru Demo Days the 6th and 7th and we will be able to demo new gear! I am not sure of all the details on the demoing. Check the Snowshoe Website.

I am no longer a student and don’t have exams. If there is a good chance you will drop out of the trip because of your exams don’t join and if you do need to drop out, the sooner you do will help me out. That being said I am not trying to discourage anyone from joining.

What the Club provides: transportation, gas + 30% for drivers, food (breakfasts and dinners for sure and I intend to get stuff so that people can make themselves some lunch before heading out if they want), $5 per person/night towards lodging

What you need to provide for yourself: lift access if you don’t have a season pass, ski/boarding gear and appropriate clothing, snack/ stuff for lunch

Some Prices I found online:
per day Ski/board rentals: 30 (26 if called in advance)
per day lift tickets: 55

I may change the departure time depending on public sentiment. Everyone is waitlisted and drivers with ski/board racks have first priority.

Non-gear owning and non-season pass people:
If you need to get rentals or get a lift ticket, I recommend looking around rather than just going with snowshoe as they may not be the best deal and they may be crowded and take a lot of time when you go to get your gear/lift tickets. There are rental places in the snowshoe area. If you use one of them, I highly recommend requesting your rentals in advance and make sure the rental store is close to the mountain so as not to inconvenience drivers and other trip attendees. If you plan on going a lot this season check out Freestyle here in Charlottesville for a season rental on gear. It would be cheaper and save you the hassle of renting every time you go.




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