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  • Dec 1
  • 06:00:00
  • Bonnycastle Circle


  • Dec 1
  • 20:00:00
  • Snowshoe Mountain


  • Nov 30
  • 11:00:00


  • $0.00


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now winter. With a little help from dear Sandy, Snowshoe has opened early this year and is ready to be shrod upon. So please join me in not studying for finals (for one day at least) and lets go slide down a snowy hill with pieces of wood strapped to our feet!

Now i understand that not a whole lot of the mountain is open yet, but i have a season pass and i have every intention of using it! so lets get warmed up for the season to come!

We’ll leave nice and early so we can get a good full day on the mountain. drive there, ski, meet up for lunch, ski some more, drive on home.

Now i say ski but don’t worry, i don’t discriminate between alpine skiing, randonee, telemark skiing, monoskiing, and oh ya snowboarding too.

you provide: lift ticket or pass, ski gear or you can rent, lunch or money for lunch
club provides: ride in a car plus some super awesome people to ski with

i’ll start at 4 people but i’ll open up the trip as i get more drivers.

congrats on reading the whole trip description. as a reward, here’s some ski porn:

here is the info for snowshoe:




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