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  • $230.00


I’m just announcing this again because I don’t want ANYone to miss out on this sick, sick deal!

Hey folks,

Last year was a HUGE success with the Snowshoe pass. We were up at the mountain most every weekend with most trips costing around $20-30 bucks for food and lodging for the whole weekend. It was cheaper for me to stay and ride a weekend in Snowshoe, WVa than it was to live and eat in Charlottesville. Plus with the pass, I could ride on Sundays for half a day before returning to cville and not have to buy a whole day pass.

Snowshoe day lift tickets usually run at $72 a pop, so the new $300 college season pass sounded like a good deal. $300 is already 40% off the $500 regular price for a season pass.

Why settle for 40% off?

Since the club is so awesome and so is Snowshoe’s marketing director, we’re being offered season passes for $219. This IS a $19 increase from last year, but we know times are tough for everybody, especially recreational places, so let’s just let it slide, okay? We’ll just have to have $19-worth more fun this year!
Plus, come on…

That’s almost 60% OFF a season pass! A real season pass – with all the perks and discounts associated with a full-priced one.

So we’ve established that this is a white hot deal economically. That coupled with the inherent rarity of this deal should be making your American consumer sense kick in. The only thing I’m missing is a 3 day time limit and then you would want it even more. That would suck. I’m setting the date at Friday November 2nd. You’ve got a solid month to mull over this, although you should’ve stopped reading a paragraph ago, whipped out your checkbook and goggles and asked where to send the monies.

Those of you who have been to Snowshoe know how sick it is and need no other explanation. For those of you who haven’t been let me extol on the virtues of Snowshoe.

Wintergreen is close by. It’s our home mountain, we’ve gotta show it love. It’s 45 minutes away and perfect for learning and going a few times a week after classes. Unfortunately, Wintergreen is also small, icy, and small.

Snowshoe compared to Wintergreen
Number of Trails: 60 vs 26 (really it’s more like 20)
Annual Snowfall: 180in vs 35in
Skiable Area: 234 acres vs 129 acres
Chairlifts: 14 vs 5

Bottom Line: Learn at wintergreen, and then ride Snowshoe.

97% of my ideas are good, and 20% are gold, this falls squarely in Platinum. You want this pass. Trust me.

This is a one time thing. The director herself (Greer) will come down and issue passes for that day only. If you’re not there, or don’t have your money ready, you’re SOL. If you cannot be there physically, you can give me your money. I will email everyone later with instructions.
ALSO check this, they’re bringing a digital camera to take pass pictures. If you’re there on the night of the 2nd, you don’t even have to go to the depot the first day on the slopes – you can just go ride!

The price is $219 plus tax, the actual amount is like $230. I will send an email with the exact amount later to those on the waitlist. To get in on this deal, join and you will be added to the list.

For those of you considering going to our big winter break trip this year (like Whistler two years ago or Stratton last year), keep in mind that we plan that trip around going to a resort owned by Intrawest, the parent company of Snowshoe. That means that if you go to an Intrawest resort you can save 50% off your lift passes for the week, meaning close to $200 or even more.

Spring break will also include trips out to Colorado. Guess who has mountains in Colorado? If you guessed Intrawest, I did a good job leading you to the answer.

Think about it.

The necessary forms can be found at the following links:




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