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  • Oct 25
  • 23:58:00
  • Big Sky, Montana


  • Oct 25
  • 23:59:00
  • Snowshoe Mountain


  • Oct 25
  • 00:01:00


  • $263.94


Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for the main event!

The gods cursed us last year with a winter to be forgotten, but alas, do not lose heart, for the night is darkest just before the dawn: and the dawn is coming! And by all of that I mean, that its gonna snow a but ton this winter. So wax your skis (or snowboards, I don’t discriminate) and tune your edges because, we’re gonna get some super cheap season passes to snowshoe once again!

Yes thats right i said it: SUPER CHEAP SEASON PASSES TO SNOWSHOE!!!! Snowshoe, not that crappy wintermint, or massunuts or whatever their called.

Why Should I Do This?:
because its awesome, duh!
you can go to all the super awesome club trips to snowshoe (which will happen every weekend that there is snow) and not have to pay for a lift ticket.
I’ve skied between 15-20 days each season just at snowshoe from this pass
the pass is like half the price of a standard season pass to snowshoe
Snowshoe is by far the best mountain in the southeast. You have to go up to vermont or west to colorady to get better skiing.

Le Details:
Passes cost 250 + tax for a total of precisely $263.94.
No blackout days: aka, you can go on hollidays and saturday (unlike some of those other places)
You get like 10% off food at the resort and like 20% off lodging(but you’re just gonna come on our sweet trips so that won’t really matter anyways)
you get some discount at other resorts owned by intrawest (steamboat, mount tremblant, winter park, stratton, and blue mountain)

How Do I do dis:
I will be getting forms and waivers for you people to fill out.
When you sign up for the trip, I will be sending out emails about when and where I will be available to do said paperwork and take your money from you.
ADDITIONALLY, Snowshoe may be setting up a table at Teton Gravity Research’s Premier of “Dream Factory” (a ski movie for all you uninitiated) on October 19th and they can also do registration there as well. If you go to that, they can even get your pass printed out so you can just get straight to the skiing on your first day at the mountain.

So bottom line is: sign up for the trip, you’ll fill out some forms and write a check to “Snowshoe Mountain” and then give them to me (or the snowshoe rep at “Dream Factory” and you get a season pass. Simple as 1, 2, 3.

I’m making the end date to give me your stuff October 25th so I can get all of our stuff into the snowshoe people.

Oh, and also, please pray for snow!

Yours Truly,
Max “Thor” McHale

p.s. There is this fancy thing that happens at freestyle (the local ski shop) called a ski swap where there is more cheap ski gear than you can shake a ski pole at that happens saturday and sunday Oct 27&28th (i’ll get the details on that and we can organize rides there if anybody wants to go)




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