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  • Mar 9
  • 17:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Mar 13
  • 22:00:00
  • Red River Gorge, KY


  • Mar 2
  • 23:59:00


  • $80.00


“The Red River Gorge in eastern Kentucky is one of the best rock-climbing areas in the world. Its solid well-featured sandstone makes for steep, spectacular climbing, with an almost equal mix of sport and traditionally protected pitches.”

The Red River Gorge trip (springbreak edition) is back! This is internationally popular destination for climbers.

The Red is set up a little differently than the New; instead of 3 or 4 huge areas (Endless, Kaymoor, Summersville, etc), there are basically 50 Cotton Tops. We will plan on hitting 2 crags a day.

Most crags have a few 5.9s and 5.10s but it is rare to find a crag with lots of moderate climbs. We will climb some 9s, mostly 10s and 11s, and some 12s.

-Ability to tie in and top-rope belay
-Climb 5.10 cleanly on top-rope
-Ask me if you are unsure

-3/9 (Wed) at 5pm
The drive is approximately 7 hours each way. We are climbing Thur -Sun early afternoon. We will get back at a reasonable hour on Sunday but I cannot guarantee any specific time.

-I will be collecting $40 for all groceries (club does not reimburse food during spring break)
-We will bring lunches to crag and cook breakfasts and dinners Thurs morning-Sun morning. You are responsible for all the meals outside of those (i.e., on the road)
-I am considering getting a cabin to get some quality sleep, in which case not all the costs will be covered by the club
-Other option is to camp at Miguel’s (covered by the club). You get to vote when you sign up.

Priorities are given to the following members:
-Able to lead climb and/or lead belay

Please do NOT sign up for this trip unless:
-You are at least 75% sure
-You are Ok with the departure and arrival times
Sorry, I can only take 8 members max.

-Gas reimbursement or ride in a car
-Climbing gear (ropes, draws)
-Personal climbing gear if needed (harness, shoes, belay device, chalk bag)
-Camping gear
-Camping fees
-*Check out personal camping/climbing gear on your own before the trip (ask me if you are unsure)

-Personal climbing gear if you have it (Don’t forget chalk)
-Weather appropriate clothes
-Camping gear if you have it
-Entertainments unless you are easily amused (For some of you this means textbooks)
-$$ for meals on the two 7 hour car rides
-$40 for groceries. I will be collecting the money at the beginning of the trip and return the remainder to you at the end.
-$$ for extra things that you may want (souvenirs, entertainment, Miguel’s Pizza, etc)
-Approach shoes/sandals
-Good climbing karma

Check back for updates.




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