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  • Mar 4
  • 11:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Mar 12
  • 20:00:00
  • Red Rock Canyon


  • Nov 11
  • 08:00:00


  • $50.00


Join us for climbing and hiking out west over spring break!

Short Itinerary:
Day 1: Fly out to Las Vegas, NV from Washington D.C.
Days 2-6: Climb at Red Rock Canyon
Days 7-8: Hike, camp overnight at Zion
Day 9: Flight from Las Vegas to DC

Long Description:
We’ll climb at Red Rock Canyon for the first 5 days. To rest your climbing muscles, an optional day trip for hiking around the Grand Canyon (led by Landon Kanner) can be arranged one of those days (some can continue to climb that day).

Red Rock Canyon, located 15 miles outside of Las Vegas, is home to some of the world’s best climbing and has typically great weather over spring break. The climbing at Red Rocks is on beautiful multi colored sandstone rock. It is known for both its short overhanging sport routes and its massive multi-pitch traditional routes. You can check out the pictures of Red Rock Canyon from past years on the club website.

Ryan Pevnick will lead a group sport climbing. In order to climb, you must be an intermediate or advanced climber. You should be able to top rope 5.9+, and preferably know how to lead and belay a leader. These requirements might change depending on who signs up.

There is also the possibility of trad climbing some multi-pitch routes there with Sam Powell.

People who don’t want to climb might be able to still come for hiking only (depending on the # who sign up), and can hike around Red Rock Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, or the Valley of Fire (all are not too far from Red Rock Canyon) during climbing days. Someone must volunteer to lead and organize these trips in order for this to happen, so please indicate if you can lead this part.

Finally, during the last two days we’ll drive 150 miles NE to Zion National Park, Utah to hike along and in the amazing canyons there. We’ll camp there for one night. Angels Landing Trail, which climbs 1,500 feet to a summit provides spectacular views into Zion Canyon. There is also a 16-mile trail through the “Narrows” which is situated in a 1,000 foot-deep chasm that narrows to less than 25 feet in many places. The Narrows takes you through waterfalls, hanging gardens, and beautiful carved sandstone arches.

The club will pay for camping fees at a BLM campsite near Red Rock Canyon, camping fees for Zion, park passes, groceries/camping food, and most of the $ for a rental car and gas.

You will need to pay for meals at restaurants (Vegas has some cheap all-you-can-eat dinner buffets that are quite good), your share of parking at the airport, a small part of the car rental fee, and for an optional hotel stay for 1 or 2 nights of the trip. Not including restaurant food and the flight, the total per person is estimated to be $60, but this value will change depending on the # of people – I’ll ask for the exact amount from everyone prior to the trip to cover these things.

You will need to purchase plane tickets on your own – right now tickets are pretty cheap at 150+tax = $190 roundtrip. I will email you with the flight information once you’re off the waitlist, so that we can all get on the same plane if possible. I do not know how long these flight prices will last (there were even cheaper flights, but they’re no longer available on the right dates).

The club can supply climbing and camping gear.

You should bring:
-appropriate clothing for desert weather (30s-40s at night and 60s+ during day), rain gear
-camping/backpacking gear
-climbing gear
-National Park Pass if you have one
-$ for food, etc.
-great attitude! This trip is going to be awesome!




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