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  • Mar 1
  • 10:00:00
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  • Mar 9
  • 22:00:00
  • Steamboat, CO


  • Feb 26
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This trip is designed to do some peak season Colorado skiing while taking advantage of half-price lift tickets at Intrawest resorts for those with Snowshoe season passes. (The trip is listed at $0.00 since it will vary depending on how many sign up, please see the section after the $$$$$$$’s for a cost estimate.)

We’ll be leaving Charlottesville around midday on Saturday 3/1, and driving 25 hours (rotating drivers) to Steamboat in time to check into our condo sometime Sunday night. Then we’ll ski/board up to 5 days (Monday-Friday) in the Colorado snow before starting the return trip home the following Saturday 3/8 and arriving back in Charlottesville Sunday night in time for classes on Monday.

The club will provide:
-$100 in gas
-$5/person/night for lodging
-$12/person/day of groceries for the 5 days we’re skiing

You will provide:
-additional gas $$ (~$110-$170)*
-$$ for lodging (~$95-$130)*
-$$ for lift tickets ($43.50/day with a Snowshoe season pass, $85/day without)
-any additional meal $$ (although we’ll try and cook most of our meals on the club’s budget)
-ski/board equipment (either your own or rentals @ ~$80-$120 for 5 days)

*these costs will vary depending on how many people go, what car(s) we take, and what lodging we select

Sat. 3/1/08: Leave Charlottesville around 12noon
Sun. 3/2/08: Check into our condo (evening/night)
Mon. 3/3/08: Ski/Board
Tues. 3/4/08: Ski/Board
Wed. 3/5/08: Ski/Board
Thurs. 3/6/08: Ski/Board
Fri. 3/7/08: Ski/Board
Sat. 3/8/08: Check out of condo, begin return trip home
Sun. 3/9/08: Arrive back in Charlottesville (evening/night)

As of now, I can fit 6 people in my suburban, so that’s how many the trip is open for. I am willing to expand the trip if another person willing to drive their car the 3700 miles to Steamboat and back, and enough people sign up soon enough to warrant the expansion.

I have booked a condo for 6, but am willing/able to cram up to 10 into it.

Since the costs will vary depending on how man people go, I’m not able to give an exact estimate of what the trip will cost per person, but I can say that it will most likely be between $425-$520 based on the best (max people) and worst case scenarios. This price would be to stay 6 nights, and ski 5 days and includes the discount you receive using a Snowshoe season pass. If you don’t have a snowshoe pass, you can expect to add anywhere from $166-$208 to that estimate depending on how many days you’d like to ski (4 vs 5). (Unless you can find someone who is willing to let you rent/borrow their Snowshoe season pass for that week.)

Even if this page says the trip is full, go ahead and sign up and I may open it to another member or two.




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