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  • Sep 10
  • 07:00 AM
  • Student Activities Building


  • Sep 10
  • 08:30 PM
  • Student Activities Building


  • Sep 9
  • 11:00 PM


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  • Summersville Lake, West Virginia, USA


Abby and I have been talking about taking the raft out to Summersville Lake for a long time, so we’re finally getting a trip on the books! Summersville Lake is a super sweet spot where we’ll be able to do some deep water soloing (rock climbing above deep water such that a fall ends in a splash instead of a catch or crash). We’ll be taking the club’s raft, but we may also bring a SUP or two depending on which cars sign up and if we have the space. If you’ve never been rock climbing before and aren’t afraid of climbing/falling over water, this would be a great trip to start touching rocks since it doesn’t require any rock skills. The vibe will be very chill with no expectations to be super sendy or anything. Mainly just a beach vibe, but the rock climber’s version (and none of that blasted sand).

Because the water is deep and we will be on the water the whole day, please only sign up for this trip if you are able to swim and are comfortable on the water.

It’s a 3 hour drive, so we’ll leave kind of early at 7am, aim to hit the water around 10:30, and get climbing around 11. Hopefully the sun will be out by then. We’ll spend several hours on the lake, maybe until dinner time or so, then circle back to c’ville.

For the climbing, please do not use club chalk, chalk bags, or climbing shoes. If you’d like to waterlog your personal gear, that’s chill, but we’d like to maintain the club gear if possible. I’d recommend climbing in bare feet or water shoes depending on your preference.

You should bring:
– lunch
– water (>2-4 L)
– swim clothes
– dry clothes for the car (please… I really like my car and would rather it not smell like lake and wet college student)
– towel
– good vibes

We’ll bring:
– raft
– pump
– paddles
– pfds
– maybe some SUPs
– beta on some of the routes (if desired)

We may need an additional driver for this trip, so please let us know how much cargo space you have in the trip questionnaire. Drivers will be reimbursed gas + a 50% tip (capped at $20) and will be prioritized off the waitlist if we need a driver.




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