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  • Aug 27
  • 05:15 AM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Aug 27
  • 08:00 AM
  • Also Corner of Echols Dorm


  • Aug 26
  • 11:30 PM


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  • Humpback Rock, Virginia, USA


Hey y’all!

I somehow still haven’t been to Humpback Rock, and I DESPERATELY want to go. If that’s the case for you (or if you’ve been and wanna go back), then come join me on Sunday morning for a sunrise hike! I think it’ll be a really nice way to start the day and enter the second week of classes 🙂

Humpback Rock is about a 2 mile hike (~1 mile each way)! From what I know of the trail, anyone of any ability level can hike it, but it can be a bit steep and challenging (plus we’ll be hiking in the dark on the way up). I’m personally not the speediest hiker in the world anyways, so we’ll go at a chill pace and take as many breaks for rest and water as we need.

The Plan:
5:15am – Meet at Echols Dorm
5:45ish – Arrive at Humpback and start hiking
6:15ish – Reach the summit and watch the sunrise!
7:00ish – Head back back down
7:30ish – Get back to car
8:00 – Arrive back on grounds! Can stop for breakfast on the way back if the group decides 🙂

– Flashlight/headlamp! It’ll be dark on the way up!
– Water
– Jacket/layers! Just because it’s still summer doesn’t mean it won’t be chilly in the morning—do yourself a favor and bring an extra layer.
– Snacks?

Here’s a link to more information on the hike: https://www.nps.gov/blri/planyourvisit/humpback-rocks-trails.htm

*Please note that there aren’t any gear rooms between now and the trip, but if you need a headlamp or flashlight, let me know and I’ll do my best to get you one!*

See you there!!
– Sarah




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