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  • Oct 19
  • 19:00:00
  • Chemistry Auditorium (Room 402)


  • Oct 19
  • 22:00:00
  • Chemistry Auditorium (Room 402)


  • Oct 19
  • 18:59:00


  • $10.00


So, here’s how it goes. Our friends at VASST are putting up a showing of Teton Gravity Research’s new movie, The Dream Factory, this Friday in the Chem Auditorium. I figured this is pretty sweet and y’all might want to hear about it.
For those of you who don’t know, Teton Gravity Research is a super sweet SKI film production company that makes some epic pics of some epic people doing some epic stuff. There might even be a snowboarder in there, I don’t know.
So a few details: doors open at 7, the movie starts at 8. It costs $10 if you reserve your ticket in advance, or a few bucks more (don’t know the exact number) if you buy your ticket at the door. For that, you get into the film, a raffle ticket for some sweeeeeeet stuff, and a wristband that gets you into the “post movie gathering.”
If you want to reserve your tickets early, email with the following info:
Your name
Computing ID (if UVA student)
Reason you’re super stoked to see the film!

Also, if you are still interested in getting a snowshoe season pass, there will be a rep there from snowshoe who’ll accepting doing cheap season passes and he’ll even print it out for you right there on the spot.

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