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  • Nov 19
  • 17:00:00
  • 1830 Jefferson Park Avenue


  • Nov 25
  • 23:45:00
  • Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica


  • Oct 6
  • 22:00:00


  • $0.00


We’re trading in our turkey dinners for casados, the national Costa Rican traditional meal of rice and beans (known as gallo pinto), salad, picadillo, and chicken breast. We’ll be upgrading our cranberry sauce to tropical fruit.

But the most exciting part of this trip is obviously not the cuisine. We’re going surfing!

We’ll be driving to Northern VA on the Monday afternoon before Thanksgiving break, spending the night at my house, and getting up way before the sun to catch a super early flight and to get there while the day is still young and the travelling is good. We’ll spend the first day getting to the beach and figuring out our accomodation situation, and by Wednesday we’ll be frolicking in the waves. More of the same, interspersed with daytrips to other nearby beaches, hopefully some visiting of the sea turtles and the monkeys will be thrown in there at some point. If you don’t know how to surf, there are English-speaking surf instructors there, and they’re excellent at teaching (anyway, they were able to teach me!).

A priority for me on this trip is keeping it affordable, so talk to me about costs if you’re interested in coming but don’t know if your bank account can take the hit.




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