Kayaking (Instruction Only) Kayaking (Instruction Only)
Kayaking (River) Kayaking (River)


  • Sep 30
  • 07:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Sep 30
  • 18:00:00
  • Balcony Falss


  • Sep 14
  • 16:00:00


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One day SWR class on the Balcony Falls Section of the James on Sunday, 9/30/12. with ACA certified instructor.

Limited to 4 people. Sorry but ODC was only provided so many spaces.
Please do not sign up unless you are 100% committed. After you sign up I will provide further documentation to review before the course.

The club will pay for the course if you demonstrate the skills necessary to lead future kayak trips. Otherwise it will be 15$ for students.

* Ability to swim.
* Class II+ paddling skills (have run the Balcony Falls section of the James or more advanced)
* A boat suitable for paddling Class II whitewater (with a spray skirt and flotation if appropriate)
* Paddle, whitewater helmet, and whitewater PFD
* Suitable footwear that will remain on and protect your feet when wading and swimming in the river
* Warm, non-cotton clothing
* Ability to bring provided paper work.

A note about clothing: Because of long periods in the water, SWR classes are much cooler days on the river than a typical paddling day. This class will be on both dry land and in the water so layers that you can add / remove easily are a good idea. Also, students might want to consider wearing long pants or leggings to protect from river rocks.

Suggested Equipment (not a requirement but if you have it, bring it):

* Throw rope
* Locking carabiners (3 at most)

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns.

The Club provides: ga$ (+ 30%, up to $10) for drivers, a ride to and from the adventure, kayak and gear (pfd, helmet, noseplug, paddle, spray skirt, neoprene booties) kayak/gear transport.


I am NOT “leading” on any of these rivers, I am only coordinating some logistics and transportation to the rivers, you are responsible for your own safety and the activities you choose to participate in while on this trip, and you agree to have read and will abide by the American Whitewater Safety Code http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/Wiki/safety:start?

Those with the appropriate skills may join as “Common Adventurers”

**Please note that the trip may be canceled due to water level and/or weather

Snacks are encouraged.




Trips Attended: 84 Trips Led: 20

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