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  • Sep 7
  • 04:00 PM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Sep 8
  • 08:00 PM
  • Your place


  • Sep 7
  • 03:00 PM


  • $Food money, potential campground money


  • Gauley Tailwaters Campground, Summersville, WV, USA


Hello my whitewater hooligans!

OK OK. So this is NOT a Gauleyfest trip. Those are coming soon. Hold on to your hats.

The point of this trip is to gauge interest and rally some of the more advanced/experienced whitewater paddlers/rafters present in the club to come warm up and feel out the lines on the Upper Gauley before we take more club members down next weekend. My plan is to meet up with some rafting friends of mine and get a practice lap in, but we need people to fill the boat! If you meet the below descriptions but can’t make the trip this time, hit me up! I’m trying to gather UVA’s whitewater experience for nefarious purposes…

People who have rafted the Upper Gauley or a similar Class V river
People who are Class IV or V whitewater boaters or raft guides
People who have swiftwater rescue training and are strong swimmers

If any of the above sounds like you, sign up, answer the questions, and we’ll see what’s up! I will be taking the most experienced signees off this waitlist. If I don’t know you/your whitewater experience personally, I may give you a lil call and we can chat about it. These restrictions are here because while the Gauley is literally the best big water east of the Mississippi, it is very dangerous and often times deadly. By signing up for this trip you acknowledge the risk inherent with rafting/boating class IV and V rapids. You can learn more about the Upper Gauley at the American Whitewater page here:
^^ get stoked on all these sick rapids

– You’ll give me your size info in the questionnaire. I’ll grab the right gear for you.
– I’ll make a groupchat for us once we have everyone. I want to leave at least by 4 on Thursday but we can figure that out.
– We’ll rally thursday up to the Gauley, meet some friends and hopefully camp at the takeout (free) or at another site (we can split this after
whatever the club is able to reimburse
– We’ll go for a morning lap Friday on the super sick Upper G.
– We’ll rally back to Cville to enjoy the weekend! Hoping to get back by 8 or earlier but I wouldn’t plan anything super important that night

Stuff to camp!
– Tent (we can work out arrangements in chat)
– Sleeping bag, liner, pad
– Your personal toiletries/clothes for camp (check the weather)
– Light source (headlamp, flashlight)
Stuff for Rafting!
– A water bottle w/ water
– snacks/a lunch (we can buy in WVa)
– Clothes that you are cool swimming in! The water is not super cold but will feel quite *refreshing* so long sleeve drywick stuff is cool too.
– river shoes that will stay on your feet! NO CROCS!!!!! Something you could do parkour in
– A towel and a change of clothes if you’d like
– Money for brekkie in town pre-rafting?
– Sunscreen probably

communal camping gear like a stove/tents? (we can decide in chat if we want this)
me and my river guiding experience
a raft and other rafting implements
cool river guide friends from Richmond and Afar!
the stoke

I think that’s all? I am so stoked to get back on this river!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE text me (Mitch) at 8049558990 if you have questions about anything, especially if you’re questioning if this trip is ok for you or you’ve never been camping before yo.

YEW! – mitch




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