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  • Nov 21
  • 06:30:00
  • Bonnycastle Circle


  • Nov 26
  • 17:00:00
  • Roan Mtn


  • Nov 20
  • 23:00:00


  • $25.00


[Note: The trip is set up as a seven day trip. If you cannot make it for the full seven days, you can still sign up and we may be able to accommodate you.]

Looking for something to do during the week off over Thanksgiving break? Why not go backpacking over the amazing Roan and Hump Mtns in Tennessee! We will start off from Erwin, TN, traveling about 36 miles over the next five days. Highlights of the trip include Unaka Mtn with it’s amazing pine forest, Roan Mtn and it’s exhausting climb, Grassy Ridge with it’s 360° views, Overmountain Shelter, an old barn, and the Hump Mtns with more 360° views and long horn cattle. On the sixth day, we will get picked up by Miss Janet. We will stay at her house / hostel for the day & night recuperating, relaxing, getting clean, reflecting and EATING (probably sleeping too). Her hostel is one of the most renowned on the entire Appalachian Trail and will be an amazing experience after our week out. http://www.missjanetshouse.com/

I will give preference to those with prior backpacking experience. If you have never been before, this is probably not the trip for you.

The area we will be traveling has some of the more difficult terrain of the southern parts of the Appalachian Trail with a lot of elevation change. It may also be frigid. Last year we got hit by a blizzard and got to snowshoe through deep drifts! We had to endure single digit temperatures at night. Spilt water would freeze within 30 seconds of being spilled! Still, we had a blast! I’m not saying that that’s what it’ll be like, but we’ll have to be prepared for such conditions. Before you are allowed off the waitlist, you’ll have to provide me with a clothing list. I will contact you about this after you join.

Bring $25 for the hostel stay, shuttle services and tip (this includes a massive breakfast). The fee may be slightly more or less depending on how many people sign up, i’ll let you know before we go.

If you want to see some pictures from last years trip (Roan through the Humps) see: http://www.outdoorsatuva.org/gallery/v/Hiking/album123/

Below is our itinerary.

DAY 1:
6 miles to Unaka Mtn.
We’ll camp in an amazing pine forest for the night.

DAY 2:
11 miles to Clyde Smith Shelter.
We’ll sleep in the shelter or set up camp in the vicinity.

DAY 3:
5.5 miles to Roan High Knob Shelter.
We’ll sleep in the shelter or set up camp in the vicinity.
At 6300 ft, this old fire warden’s cabin is the highest shelter on the Appalachian Trail.

DAY 4:
6 miles to Overmountain Shelter.
We’ll celebrate Thanksgiving here and sleep in the shelter.
This old barn has been converted into a shelter for use by AT hikers. It was used as a backdrop in the movie, “Overmountain Men” and has an amazing view.

DAY 5:
8 miles to Apple House Shelter.
We’ll sleep in the shelter or set up camp in the vicinity.

DAY 6:
1/2 mile to Rt 19E
Miss Janet will pick us up and take us back to her hostel where we will spend the day recuperating, relaxing, reflecting and EATING (probably sleeping too).

DAY 7:
Return to Charlottesville

Club Provides:
-Transportation: gas if you drive and a seat in a car
-Food: meals while on the trail?-Gear: backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, headlamps, water filter, cooking pots/stove

You bring:
-$25 in CASH for the wonderful Miss Janet!
-hiking boots
-appropriate clothing
-rain jacket and pants
-warm hat
-bowl and cup (no breakables)
-fork / spoon / spork!
-water bottle (2 liters)
-toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
-CASH for food on the way there and back and while in town at Miss Janet’s




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