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Andy Nosal, the founder of the scuba club, and I are putting together a scuba diving trip to Key Largo, FL during the first part of Thanksgiving Break. Here are the details:

In order to get the cheap gear rental, you would have to join the Scuba Club ($10).

We are planning a road trip down to Key Largo, FL the weekend before Thanksgiving this year. Remember, we have a full week of break! Here is how it may go down: We drive down to Key Largo leaving Friday (18 Nov) afternoon/evening, driving in shifts, and arriving in Key Largo Saturday (19 Nov) morning/midday. We rest up on Saturday on the beach or even by exploring the island or Miami (less than an hour north of the island). We would stay in Key Largo on Sat., Sun., Mon., & Tues. nights. (4 nights total). On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we would dive. Wednesday we wake up very early and drive back. Alternatively, we can dive on tuesday morning and start the drive back tuesday afternoon/evening arriving back in c-ville Wednesday afternoon.

Here is a possible price breakdown with a company called Horizon Divers, whom I spoke with this afternoon.

FOR 8-10 PEOPLE (more or less than that will make it slightly more expensive):

LODGING FOR 4 NIGHTS AT RAMADA IN: $124.50 per person (4 or 5 to a room)
CHARTER BOAT TRIP (Includes 2 dives with tanks and weights): $52.00 per person

SO, if we spend 4 nights in Key Largo and, say, do 4 charter boat trips total (8 dives, 2 on Sun., 4 on Mon., 2 on Tues.) that will cost $332.50. The only other costs to add to this would be gear rental (if you need it) and gasoline (which we will split in the event UVA does not reimburse us). I’m sure Chip can give us a good deal on rentals. Let’s overestimate (I think) $100 for gear rental. And let’s overestimate (I think) $60 per person for gasoline.

That comes to a grand total of $492.00. AND THAT IS WORST CASE SCENARIO! The point is, we can do this trip EASILY for under $500. Now what I need to know is who would be interested! We would have to begin reserving spots probably in the next week because that is a popular weekend to go (supposedly).

Please email Andy Nosal (apn3k@Virginia.EDU) as soon as possible if you would be interested in the trip. If we can get 8 people, that would be ideal, but we could do between 6-10 people and the price would only go up a little bit. If you have worked with other dive operators in Key Largo and were pleased with them, let me know and we can check them out too. Also your suggestions and advice are always welcome!




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