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  • Aug 28
  • 11:00:00
  • The Place You Be


  • Aug 28
  • 12:30:00
  • The Lawn


  • Aug 28
  • 10:50:00


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So for you newbs out there here is the story on this is it is what will hopefully become a weekly event on the lawn(until it gets to cold for my feets). Incase you didnt know we are blessed with one of the more serene slacking spots around here at UVA so you better come check it out. Especially since slacking is the sport of the Gods just picture yourself gliding across 1inch webbing. This gig takes place on the top terrace of the lawn just next to the Rotunda.

well have you doing this stuff before the next life dont worry

1. come to lawn at 11am on Sat regardless of skill, height, newbness, etc
2. bring as many fun people of all shapes and sizes that you wish club members or not(recruit everyone on your hall to join outdoors club)
3. maybe bring some water for your parched lips cause its intense(dont have to at all though cause water is near by)
4. dont miss out on this because your friday hit you to hard cause thats why I put its at 11am drink your water and eat something you can do it

Last but not least join, dont join, come, dont come, but please dont email me about it. Its all good in the hood if you dont show cause trip size is unlimited and we dont have to drive anywhere. No stress you wont be marked absent or hated(well maybe). Aight peace, love and harmony hope to see you there.




Trips Attended: 105 Trips Led: 30

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