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  • Aug 4
  • 18:00:00
  • 7A Valley Circle Charlottesville, VA 22903


  • Aug 19
  • 15:00:00
  • Jackson Hole, WY


  • Aug 3
  • 23:45:00


  • $400.00


Itching for an adventure this summer, but not sure what to do? Come to Jackson, Wyoming with the club!!! Jackson is a multi-sport paradise, with tons of amazing mountain biking, hiking, hot springing, backpacking, rafting, kayaking, swimming, fly-fishing, rock scrambling, and sport climbing! Being a stone’s throw from Grand Teton National Park and a hop and a skip from Yellowstone National Park the Jackson area has so much to explore!

This trip will operate much like the Moab trip has. We’ll drive out to Jackson together on August 4th (after the last summer sessions end) and establish a basecamp of sorts from which you’ll organize day trips. The daytrips will not be planned in advance, but rather they’ll arise organically from conversations around a campfire the night before. The trip is organized to provide for all of your logistical needs (transportation, camping, food, gear) so you can maximize your freedom and enjoyment during the day. After an amazing 12 days, we’ll head back to UVA on Friday the 17th.

Here are just a few of the famous rides, routes, trails, and what have you for different adventures that Jackson Hole and the surrounding area has to offer. I recommend Googling some of them!

Grand Teton National Park (Paintbrush Canyon-Cascade Canyon Loop is amazing so is the Teton Crest Trail)
Yellowstone National Park (Electric Peak is one of my favorite hikes)
Absaroka Mountains

Hot springing:
Granite Hot Springs
The Boiling River
Mr. Bubbles

Free Music:
Jackson Hole Live
Concerts at the Commons (@Jackson Hole Mountain Resort)
Music on Main (Victor, ID)
Soundcheck Music Series (Pinedale, WY)
Lander Live

Mountain Biking:
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Bike Park
Snow King Trail System
Teton Pass

Flat Creek Tubing thru town
Snake River Canyon
Henry’s Fork (Lower Mesa Falls!!)
Snake River thru Jackson Hole

Middle Teton Southwest Couloir
Blacktail Butte
Rodeo Wall
Hoback Shield

To get to there we’ll be driving. Driving keeps costs down for obvious reasons and allows us to take a silly amount of gear. The drive is 30 hours long and will be driven more or less straight through to maximize our time in the Jackson area. It is truly a unique experience to drive 2000 miles cross country and most Moabers the past three years have been surprised how enjoyable, if not fun, the drive was.

The trip will cost $400. This includes:
Transportation- Trip funds will be used to reimburse trip attendees for the gas they purchase on the trip as well as reimburse drivers for the ware placed on their vehicle and a regularly priced oil change.
Food- Breakfast and lunch will be provided for the 12 full days that we’ll be in Jackson while group dinners will be provided each night except for the first and last. Please note that each person will be responsible for helping prepare and clean up two group dinners.
Camping- Camping fees for the group campsites. Due to the solar eclipse on August 21st, the reservable group sites are not available, so we’ll be snagging first come first serve sites when we get there.
Club Gear- Access to club gear for all of your camping and day trip needs.

Trip expenses will likely not approach $400 so the remaining funds will be divided evenly amongst the drivers, up to the full cost of the trip. Additional funds will then be distributed to non-divers.

We need you! To compensate you for the wear and tear put on your car, routine maintenance, and the risk of mechanical issues, you will be given priority for joining the trip and a healthy reimbursement check, which is budgeted to be around the full cost of the trip.

Please join the trip on the website. Everyone will be waitlisted until drivers have committed to the trip. If more people sign up for the trip than there are drivers for or if the trip meets the 16 person cap, then an unweighted lottery will be used to select trip attendees.

I understand you probably have tons of questions, so please email me and ask away. With that being said, please limit your initial questions to those that you need answered in order to decide whether to sign up.





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